Answers to 3 Common SEO Questions

SEO is one of those areas that is a constant mystery for most people and although you can keep learning things, there will always be changes to algorithms and things like that that will mean you will need to learn more and more. There are some areas of SEO that are well known by most people involved in this area but there are also some areas that are commonly asked about. Here are some answers to three of the most frequently asked SEO questions out there:

  1. Which is the most important and best social media website? This is a question that is often asked by a lot of people and the answer is that there isn’t really an answer. All of the social media websites out there such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have different uses and it will depend entirely on your business which works best for you. If you are telling people about your content then possibly Facebook or Twitter. Whereas if you are talking to other business owners, possibly LinkedIn.
  2. How important is it to have keywords in your domain? This is another question tyhat is often asked and the answer is that it is not that important. Although it does help to have keywords in your domain name, there are a lot of things that have a higher importance. For example, you should always care more about creating a website that has great content and looks great over the keywords in your domain. Creating a site with great content should always be number 1 priority.
  3. Which is the most important search engine? This is an easy question as the answer is quite simply: Google. Although other search engines are important too, Google is by far the most important as it accounts for most than half of all internet searches done throughout the entire world. This means that if you master Google, you also master almost every other search engine without even trying as Google is the hardest to crack in most cases.

So, there are the answers. The thing to remember about most SEO questions is that it really depends on your website and what you are trying to achieve. It also is usually common sense in a lot of cases.

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