BuzzStream for SEO; Why is it such an essential tool?

If you’re an SEO, or search marketing consultant (whatever you want to call it), then you will probably be up to your eyes with spreadsheets and other data that you’ve been saving. Managing the process of link building and SEO is certainly something that shouldn’t be taken lightly as there is usually a whole lot of stuff to keep track of. Keeping track of all this stuff can be extremely time consuming so it is best if you have a tool that will help you when it comes to this area.

Now, there are hundreds of SEO tools out there such as the SEOMoz tools, Majestic SEO and many others, but none of these really allow you to keep track of your link building efforts. So, if you want to do this, where do you turn? The answer is to a product called Buzzstream.


What is BuzzStream?

Buzzstream: A great way to track links

Essentially, Buzztstream is a way to manage all of your link building efforts across a number of  different websites. Buzzstream has a tonne of great features and will allow you to manage everything from analysing link prospects through to actually getting that all important link. However, it doesn’t stop there. The idea of Buzzstream is that it allows you to keep track of your relationships even after you have managed to obtain a link and it also allows you to ensure that the website is still linking to you.

There are so many awesome features to Buzzstream that we are almost certain that once you have used this application once, you will never want to be without it.


What are the best features of Buzzstream?

Buzzstream: Great for link building.

There are so many things that this application does for you as an SEO that it is hard to nail down the absolute best features. The truth of the matter is that this application will make your life so much easier, it is unreal. However, here are a few of the things that we think are best about Buzzstream.

You can add multiple websites: If you are an SEO agency, this will be an important feature for you. You can actually add a whole number of websites that you are working on currently into the Buzzstream application. You are able to set up new projects and then, everything can be managed from within the project. This is absolutely fantastic if you are managing a few very important websites and need a great way to keep track of your SEO efforts.

You can view information about each link prospect: Whether you are adding a link prospect into Buzzstream that you have found elsewhere or one that you have actually found using the inbuilt tools, you are bound to be impressed with the data that is shown within Buzzstream. For every site that you add into the app as a link prospect, Buzzstream will show you a tonne of important metrics about the page. These metrics include the Mozrank, AC rank, Pagerank and many other aspects. These are all important features when it comes to deciding whether it is a great link prospect or not.

You can save template emails: This is a fantatic feature as you more than likely have a number of template SEO emails lying around. Buzzstream actually allows you to customise the template emails within the app and you can even add in fields such as [first name] and [last name] so that when you actually come to send the email to your many link prospects, the fields will automatically be filled in by the app. This is a huge time saver and it is something that makes Buzzstream fantastic once again. You can actually save a number of templates within the app so that you can have different ones for different prospects and projects.

You can find link prospects: This is probably one of the best things about Buzzstream actually as it allows you to do link prospect searches right from within the app. Buzzstream will allow you to create custom searches where the app will automatically find the best 40 link prospects from that search. You can then analyse these and figure out which ones will be the best for your website.

You can send emails and track relationships: This is another great feature of Buzzstream as you are actually able to send emails from within the app. Once an email is sent, the app will automatically change the status of the link to ‘attempting to reach’ and will contain copies of the emails that have been sent and received so you are quickly able to take a look at how things are going with that link.

You can find contact information and save it: Contact information is something that SEO’s can often spend hours searching for but with Buzzstream, things are made a lot easier. When you enter a link prospect, Buzzstream will actually look for contact information for that website and will often find Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and even email addresses. This is extremely useful when it comes to maintaining that all important relationship.

You can keep track of links: We have mentioned this briefly already but Buzzstream will actually check the links that you have built regularly and if it finds that the site is no longer linking to you or has changed the link to a nofollow link, you will be notified.



Buzzstream: get a free trial

Buzzstream is an absolutely fantastic way to keep track of links for multiple websites and the cost of it is pretty good too. There is also a free trial available where you can check out all of these awesome features for yourself. Buzzstream has a number of different options available depending on whether you are an agency or simply a webmaster that needs a way to track links.

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