Choose Directory Submissions Wisely

I have seen hundreds of blog and website owners giving advice on how to get your blog off the ground and build a reader base from the ground up. One of the most common tips I see given out is to submit your site to as many web directories as possible. Submitting your site to web directories can be somewhat risky as it can do some good, but it can also do a lot of damage.

Blindly submitting your website to hundreds or even thousands of web directories can significantly hurt your website in both Pagerank as well as in search engine rankings, and the effect could last for months.

Instead of mass-submitting your site to heaps of web directories, you should do so with great care. Listing your site in web directories is one of the few opportunities you have to control which sites link to yours. With that said, it would only make sense for you to choose quality websites.

Choose Directory Submissions Wisely
Remember: Quality trumps quantity

When you mass-submit your website to directories, whether it’s through some sort of online service or otherwise, many of the directories will have a Google Pagerank of N/A or 0. If your website has any sort of Pagerank, having tons of lower ranked sites linking to yours can ultimately cause your Pagerank to drop. In addition, mass submitting directory services will many times list your site in the wrong categories within the directory itself.

It is a commonly known fact that Google frowns upon “unnatural” links to your website. When you have 1,000 websites linking to yours practically overnight, this can set off a red flag with not only Google but with other search engines as well. This can and most likely will cause your site to be penalized in its organic search engine rankings.

The truth about web directories is that they don’t have nearly the same influence over your site as they did five years ago. To take advantage of what they can do for your site, it would be wiser for you to manually submit your website to carefully chosen directories individually. Space out the frequency of your directory submissions so as not to have dozens or hundreds of links to your website suddenly appear overnight. Choose only high-quality directories with a valid Pagerank equal or higher than that of your own site.

When it comes to backlinks, quality trumps quantity any day of the week. Always choose higher quality links which will improve your Pagerank and your search engine rankings instead of going for a higher quantity of links which will most likely penalize your website in the search engines.

One thought on “Choose Directory Submissions Wisely

  1. Great tips. I highly agree, I personally don’t use any search engine or web directory submissions. I tend to do them all by hand, I find it works a lot better.

    It does take more time but you can control how many back links you get.

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