How to Build Authority Backlinks for Your Site

What are Authority Backlinks?

Authority backlinks are links pointing to your site from websites considered to have high authority. Usually, these are websites which have a high page rank, huge traffic (and hence high Alexa Rank) and consist of user-generated content. Some people say that leaving your link on an inner page of a high authority site (and high page rank) won’t help.  Well…they are wrong. These websites do pass link juice to your site and will help your website climb up the search engine rankings (especially Google). The most popular of these websites are:

How to get the links?

  1. Go to each one of these websites and sign up for a free account.
  2. Create your page using where possible they keywords you are targeting. For example if your main keyword is “Educational Toys” then your Blogger blog name should contain those two keywords. Same applies for the other authority sites: create pages and name them your with your main keyword. Obviously many times this won’t be possible because they will be taken but be creative!
  3. Make sure your page is not spammy and make it as legitimate as possible. Write a small 300 word article on your subject and place 1-2 links to your site with your preferred anchor text
  4. in eHow you can add your links in the Resources section

There you go – 6 high PR links pointing to your website. Of course it takes time to create the accounts, and add the articles. Then you have to make them look legitimate. It’s even more time consuming if you want to create 15-20 of these with unique articles pointing to your site.

If you want to do some quality SEO and linkbuilding feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you to consult you and discuss the appropriate actions to propote your website through SEO

3 thoughts on “How to Build Authority Backlinks for Your Site

  1. Hi there

    Thanks for wrtiting a very useful article.

    However, one quick question.

    Most of the sites you mention in the article put the dreaded ‘nofollow’ in their external links, so what SEO benefit will this have for a site such as ours?

    I have read conflicting articles on the use of nofollow in recent days.

    Thanks in advance


  2. Hey Nick, in this case the main benefit is that the page you create in the above site/host will appear higher in the search engines results because google attaches authority to these sites. If someone is looking for sexy black lingerie and you have written a page about it on hubpages then it’s likely that it will show above many other of your competitor sites because of hubpages authority. Then the user will hopefully follow the links to your website. With this method you could dominate google’s first page for not so competitive keywords or long tail keywords. I hope this explains it a bit better!

  3. trying to upload jpg file to a sever but the file manger is not reconizing it why ?
    I need to know the differance btn php end web file and the html thanks

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