How to build backlinks

Getting backlinks is all part of the SEO process and it is an extremely important part of the process too. Google and all of the other major search engines out there put a lot of weight on backlinks that are coming in to your website so it is important to make sure that you have enough of them, and that they are of great quality. However, if you are only just starting out with SEO, you will probably wonder how you can actually get these backlinks. The good news is that there is a few ways of obtaining them that are relatively simple.  Here are a few of the most commonly used methods out there for building them.


Building backlinks from directories

Get listed in DMOZ

One of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your website has to be by adding your business to website directories. These are basically websites such as that will list sites within a particular niche. These will often allow you to add a backlink to your website and even add a short description of what it is that you and your business do.

There are a lot of business directories out there however and there are some rules to making sure that your efforts are not in vein and that Google doesn’t see that you are doing it just for SEO. Here are a few tips:

Add your site to relevant directories: You need to be adding your website to only relevant directories. This means that if you run a website design company in the UK, don’t add your business to a directory for plumbers in the US as this doesn’t make sense and Google will be able to see this. There are a lot of relevant directories out there that you can find for any niche with just a Google search.

Find local directories: Most businesses will probably operate within a specific area; for example perhaps you do business only in London. If this is the case, find as many local directories as you can for that particular area. You will find that not only are these better for backlinks, but they are also better for gaining customers.

Add your site to DMOZ and Yahoo: Two of the best directories out there are the DMOZ directory and Yahoo Directory. You can get a free backlink from DMOZ and all websites should ideally have this as there is a lot of weight placed on it by Google. Yahoo does cost but it is also a great directory to add yourself to.


Article Submissions

EzineArticles: The most popular article directory

Another great way to build backlinks is by submitting articles to article directories and other websites. Websites like Ezine articles are a great place to build up backlinks to your website as you are able to provide a link or two with every article that you submit. All you will need to do is to get some content written and get it submitted to the site.

There are many great article directories out there including Ezine articles and GoArticles. Your content should be relevant and provide something of interest in order for it to have the best SEO effect. It should also be unique content; wherever you decide to submit it.


Guest Blogging

Perhaps one of the most effective and most powerful ways to build backlinks is by guest blogging. This is the act of writing a piece of content for a blog in return for a backlink to your website. If you can find relevant blogs related to your niche and get a piece of content on there with a backlink to your website, you will notice a great improvement when it comes to your SERP’s. Here are the steps to doing this:

Find a relevant blog: You can find relevant blogs by searching Google for them. This shouldn’t take long and there will probably be many of them.

Contact the webmaster: You will then need to contact the webmaster and explain what you would ideally like to do. If you have content already written, send it along with your email and also include a link to your website.

Get the article published: You may need to have ongoing contact with the webmaster in order to get it done, but you should be able to get your article published quite easily. Sometimes, persistence and contacting many blogs is the key to guest blogging.



UkBusinessForums: A great forum for UK businesses.

Joining forums will allow you to get a few extra backlinks to your website quite easily. There are hundreds of forums out there and joining many of them will usually allow you to place a link in your signature. This means that whenever you post on the forum or answer someone’s question, you will actually obtain a backlink to your website.

You should make sure that you only join relevant forums once again and that you only place backlinks in your signature. Placing them anywhere else usually risks getting banned from a forum. You should also make sure that the posts you put on a forum are useful and not just spammy content to get links to your website. Be helpful and informative.


News and Press Releases

PRFire: A popular press release distribution website.

Another extremely powerful way of getting links to your website is to submit news content and press releases. There are a lot of great press release distribution websites out there and many of them will cost you a little, but they are often well worth it if you have well written press releases or news content.

News content can also be submitted to a number of other relevant websites. If you run a local company, contact news websites in your area and see if they will add your content. Relationships are the key to getting great backlinks; as is great content.



Building backlinks probably isn’t as hard as you first thought. However, it does take a lot of time and energy and can at times, be a repetitive task. You should never stop working on building backlinks to your website and you should aim to gain a few new ones ever week at least. However, always choose quality over quantity!

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