How To Optimize WordPress For SEO

If you are just starting out with WordPress SEO then this article is a must read for you. I will reveal some interesting wordpress tips, tricks and plugins that can do some amazing things for your SEO.

Best Settings:

Static Homepage

If you want to target a particular keyword with your home page, then it is a smart idea to create an SEO optimized static page as your home page. In this case, make sure that your Site Title is also aligned with your targeted keyword.


Set it to custom structure and type : /%postname%/   The default permalink structure for new wordpress blogs is numerical and it is bad for your SEO. This structure creates a considerable SEO power leak in all posts on your blog and the bigger it grows the more you will lose. Also, changing the permalinks to the optimized structure can be tricky after a while because it will change the whole sitemap and relocate your old posts from to which means that the backlinks you had for your old URL’s will be gone and will now point to non existing pages * You can fix the 404 errors with redirection plugins, but you still loose your backlinks.


Make sure that it is on the right settings.


SEO plugin

As you probably know, having your targeted keyword in the title, H1, URL and meta description score the most points for your on page SEO. This is the core functionality of these plugins, to help you optimize these things for all the pages and posts in your wordpress blog. That’s why installing and configuring one of these plugins is probably the most important thing you can do for your general wordpress SEO. I recommend that you use one of these plugins:

  • All in one SEO Pack
  • Platinum SEO Pack
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast


Social Sharing Plugins

The no-follow links don’t mater myth was busted long time ago, all links count, maybe not equally, but they do count! Actually a study on SEO moz showed that google derives around 14% of your page authority and ranking power from the social mentions and shares of your website across the internet. So, having a social sharing plugin is pretty important, not only for getting “viral” traffic but also directly for your SEO.

  • Sexy Bookmarks
  • Only Wire

I recommend that you configure those to show only the most popular social sites like : Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linked in and StumbleUpon.

Wp Cache (speed)

Pages that load faster get slightly better ranking and less bounce rate than the slower ones. This plugin will make your site load ultra fast by creating a static version of your pages and displaying it to new visitors instead of generating the page every time a new visitor arrives.

Google XML Sitemaps

Every website should have a sitemap – a place where you can find all the important pages of a website. Google rewards this buy giving a slightly better ranking. Also make sure that you submit your sitemap URL in your Google webmasters account.

SEO Search Terms 2

This plugin captures the keywords which people use to get to a particular page on your blog and places them below the content of the same page as “incoming search terms”. This has profound effect for ranking on many “long tale” keywords with no competition and also increases your general ranking for your main keywords. I started using this plugin one month ago and it brought around 20-30% increase in traffic.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

The links to similar content in the end of the posts will create strong inner page linking which will boost your SEO ranks, however this plugin will also increase visitor length and create a better user experience too.


This plugin will go trough all the images on your blog, run them trough the yahoo image optimization tool, grab the new “optimized” images and then replace them with the older bulky images in your media library. It will help you to speed-up your blog load time, which will also score you some points in SEO and create a better experience for your visitors.

Easy WP SEO Plugin:

This one can help you optimize the content you write for a specific keyword by making analysis and giving you suggestions on what to add, remove or modify and in what quantity.   Implementing everything we talked about here will probably take around 30 minutes but it is only a one time job and the effect on your SEO will be enormous. I suggest that you install the ones you missed right away if you have the time, if not… add this to your to do list. . .

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