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Setting up a good on page SEO is crucial but it isn’t the end of your work. Having the best content is essential but it’s not going to get your post to the first page of Google. What you need is a good link building strategy that will allow your content to get to the first page of all major search engines and stay there. Building links is a never ending job because once you get your content among the top searches you need to make sure it stays there. If you stop building more links, some of your competitors might get ahead of you and that’s something you shouldn’t let happen.

I wrote an interesting post awhile ago about The 9 SEO myths and most things counted on that post are really effective in getting ahead of your competition when it comes to link building. Check that post out to find out what I’m talking about.


1. Forum/Blog Postingcomment posting

Posting on forums helps in improving your SEO but the links you get from these posts aren’t very strong. It’s the same case with the blog commenting. However these are well known methods that everybody uses to get their site some links without spending too much time and effort so they are great in building up links in a short amount of time. It can be boring from time to time but it’s a well known way to improving your rank on Google.



2. Social Bookmarking

Posting your site to different social networks isn’t a hard thing to do and despite what many people believe it’s a good way to improve and build up some links toward your site. Reminding other people to share your newly created post or site of your benefit also. The more people share your site the better. This is also one of the things that are about to change and have much more influence in 2012.



3. Linking Outscore links

Many people believe that linking out is a bad thing because you divert your readers and potential customers away from your site by doing that but linking out to a high authority website like Wikipedia is a good thing and it will score you some points with Google.




4. Exchange of links with similar siteslink exchange

Exchanging links with sites that have the same or similar topic is also a great way to get a quality link without having to work too hard to get it. It’s simple. You put a link to his site on your website and he does the same thing for you. You both benefit from that with a quality link.



5. Buying Linksbuying links

This is considered to be a bad thing and a blackhat method that will get you in the Google sandbox but if you don’t overdo it you are safe. If you set it up in a way so your website gets about 100 links/day it won’t get in the sandbox and it will get you live links so it’s a great way to get some links if you have some spare cash.




6. Creating Smaller blogs related to your BlogPosterous Spaces

By doing this you can get a link from every blog that you create but that’s not the end of it. You can also write some shorter posts on those blogs and on each and every post you write you can add a new link to your website. There is a service that allows you to post on several blogs at one time and it’s called posterous.





7. Writing articles for article directoriessquidoo

This is also one of the most famous ways to build quality links but it’s a great way to build links so I have to include it here. Posting content on some of the high page ranked sites like Squidoo will get you a high quality link which is the whole point of the link building strategy. Even tho it’s a little more time consuming then the rest it’s really worth your while.



8. Guest Postingguest posting

Guest posting is another way to build quality links to your site. It’s mutually beneficial for both sides because the person that let’s you write some content on his blog gets good content and you get a link which will stay there and help your website rank higher. It takes some time because you have to contact the site’s owner and ask him if you can write a guest post but it’s worth it because if that website has a high page rank then your site will eventually rank higher too.


By following all these steps to build links you should be able to get to the first page of google quick but you will have to work hard to maintain that position especially if the keyword you are aiming for is competitive.

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