Ajax pages and SEO

We all know the importance of Optimising our site for Search Engines, typically ensuring we use the right keyword density, number of keywords, content etc… Asynchronous JavaScript and XML or AJAX as it is more commanly know as is a great way to make a more dynamic and interactive site. When a search engine send […]

Error Pages And SEO

Many times, website owners will spend so much time focusing on what they want their visitors to see, they forget about optimizing what they don’t expect their visitors to see. In recent weeks, I’ve seen several mishandled 404s, but one theme seems to return “200 OK” codes to search engine crawlers for 404 pages. The […]

How to Build Authority Backlinks for Your Site

What are Authority Backlinks? Authority backlinks are links pointing to your site from websites considered to have high authority. Usually, these are websites which have a high page rank, huge traffic (and hence high Alexa Rank) and consist of user-generated content. Some people say that leaving your link on an inner page of a high […]

Keywords are for Humans Not Search Engines

Keywords are for humans not search engines It looks keywords are deciding the top search engine optimization list over and over again. The problem is that a few optimizers don’t realize the legitimate role of keywords. Keywords shouldn’t be exclusively implanted for the aim of getting to the top of SEs. Search Engine Optimization shouldn’t […]

Rank Well Using Long Tail Keywords

With hundreds of thousands of new web pages going live on the Internet each and every single day, you may find yourself struggling in order to achieve high search engine rankings. With all the competition, ranking well for highly competitive and sought after keywords could take many months if not years, and could potentially cost […]

Onsite SEO Tips For Google

Although Google has billions upon billions of websites and pages listed in their index, there are a few things you need to know about how Google works. First off, Google only knows of a fraction of the websites on the Internet. It would literally be impossible to search through and properly index every single public […]

Choose Directory Submissions Wisely

I have seen hundreds of blog and website owners giving advice on how to get your blog off the ground and build a reader base from the ground up. One of the most common tips I see given out is to submit your site to as many web directories as possible. Submitting your site to […]

SEO For Your Images

In search engine optimization efforts, the focus of your attention should be directed towards achieving higher search engine rankings for the pages on your website. However, an often overlooked aspect is optimizing your images to rank well. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! give the user the ability to use a variety of different […]

Avoid Being Blacklisted By Search Engines

Have you heard of the term “blacklisted” before? How about when referring to Internet search engines? If you own or promote a client’s website, you need to be familiar with what it means to be “blacklisted” by the search engines and how to avoid finding yourself in such a situation. What Does “Blacklisted” Mean? When […]

Measuring Conversions- More Than Sales

If you know the importance of SEO, then you should know the importance of stats tracking- including conversions. But, what exactly is a conversion? Many people have the misconception that a conversion means a completed sale for a physical product, but that is hardly the case. The truth of the matter is, a conversion is […]

The Power Of Anchor Text

Have you ever wondered exactly what kind of power lies in the hands of anchor text? Let me enlighten you. Back in 2003, a bunch of people who didn’t like George Bush too much got together and inserted links everywhere they could that looked like this: Miserable Failure Eventually, enough websites linked to George W. […]

How To Boost You Potential By 60.2%

To be honest, I’m quite tired of hearing nothing other than PageRank, PageRank, PageRank. In the world of SEO, many have become easily distracted by focusing all of their time and attention on Google. However, it is very important to remember that Google accounts for only 39.8% of all the user searches on the Internet […]