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Pinterest might be something that you’ve heard a lot about just recently as it is becoming pretty big all around the world. Basically, Pinterest is yet another social networking/media website (like we haven’t already got enough to keep up with) and the idea of the website is that you can ‘pin’ all of your interests to it. Pinterest works in a similar way to Facebook and Twitter in many ways only it is more focussed around content than anything else. You could say that Pinterest is like a social bookmarking website and social networking website combined.

The great thing about Pinterest however is that it can be used for SEO purposes in a number of ways. As you will know, your social signals are extremely important when it comes to Google’s algorithm this year so Pinterest is well worth signing up for.


Getting a Pinterest Account

Before you start using Pinterest, you need to get yourself an account. Now, you might think that this would be a two second job but at the moment, Pinterest is available using invitation only. This means that you have to register your interest or receive an invite from a friend.

We registered our interest in the site and we were emailed back within just a few days to set up an account, so you don’t have to wait too long.


Pinterest SEO Tips


Make sure your website content has images:

Pinterest is a website that is heavily focussed on images so if your website doesn’t have much rich media such as images, now is the time to get some. Pinterest will show images from your website when you pin your content to a board that you create and this is what everyone else will see. This is why it is so important to use images on your website.

Obviously, the higher quality and more enticing your images are the better. These will generate interest in your board which will in turn generate visitors. This will then turn in to links in some situations if people re-pin your content.


Create a Pinterest account for your website/brand

Creating a Pinterest account for your brand will allow you to add information about your other presence online. For example, every account will have the opportunity to add a company/website description which of course, you can fill with related keywords.

As well as this, your Pinterest account will allow you to add a link to your website, your Twitter account, your Facebook profile and your RSS feed. Want to know the best thing about these links too? They are currently dofollow. We are sure that this won’t remain the case for long however as when the site is opened up to the public, this will more than likely be removed.


Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts


Pinterest actually gives you the opportunity to connect with your Facebook and twitter accounts which means that people who ‘Like’ or follow you on these social networks will easily be able to start following you on Pinterest.

This will also give you the opportunity to share content between all of your social networking websites which will make things a lot more streamlined when it comes to running your websites.


Add your Pinterest information to your website

Pinterest is something that should now be incorporated into your website in any way you possibly can. If you have a blog, you could add a Pinterest button that will allow people to be able to share your content with just one click and re-pin it. Like many other social media websites, Pinterest provides these buttons and the necessary code, all you have to do is to insert it into your website.

You can also add buttons to allow people to follow you on Pinterest which is useful. The Pinterest buttons look pretty nice too so they will fit nicely into your website.


Create your first Board on Pinterest

The whole concept of Pinterest is that you create pinboards which will have content that you like on them. The first step when it comes to SEO is to make a board that has something to do with your website/brand and pin relevant content to them. Users can follow boards too which makes it a great way for you to get new content on your website out there to the people that are interested in the subjects that you create.

It is important to remember from an SEO point of view that the title that you give your Pinterest board will actually become the H1 tag of that page. This means that you should ensure that relevant keywords are in the title in order to get more visitors from search engines.

Creating a Pinterest board will take just a few minutes and it is the heart of Pinterest so make sure that you do it.


Remember to check Google Analytics for Pinterest

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track where every single visitor to your website comes from and if your Pinterest account is having a desired effect, you will probably start seeing people visiting your website that have come from Pinterest.

You will be able to optimise your Pinterest profile depending on the results that you see in Google Analytics.


Pin content regularly

Like with many other social networking websites, Pinterest is basically useless if you don’t actually use it (apart from a couple of links of course). You should make sure that you pin content regularly and if you can, make sure to pin fresh content instead of re-pinning.



In conclusion, you should have a Pinterest account. It is great for SEO and it is fast becoming a big part of the social scene so it pays to get in there as soon as you possibly can. Pinterest is completely free to join and you can also use it to discover new content yourself remember.

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