Rank Well Using Long Tail Keywords

With hundreds of thousands of new web pages going live on the Internet each and every single day, you may find yourself struggling in order to achieve high search engine rankings. With all the competition, ranking well for highly competitive and sought after keywords could take many months if not years, and could potentially cost a lot of money as well.

The SEO trend over the past two years or so has been steering more toward “long tail” keywords. Long tail keywords are highly targeted, narrowed down, niche keywords with less competition which allows you to rank well for a less competitive keyword or phrase. The benefit is not only less competition, but also the fact that you will be attracting higher targeted visitors.

For example, if you are a car dealership trying to achieve high organic search engine rankings, we can narrow down a long tail keyword as follows:

New car
New Honda
New Honda Accord
New Honda Accord 4 door
New silver Honda Accord 4 door

Rank Well Using Long Tail KeywordsNotice that each keyword is narrowed down more and more until we reach the long tail keyword of “new silver Honda Accord 4 door”.

You could only imagine how difficult it would be to rank well for the term “new car” or “new Honda”, and any traffic coming from those keywords is not very targeted. However, the competition for the term “new silver Honda Accord 4 door” would be much less and at the same time the traffic you would receive from that keyword would be much more targeted to the content on your page.

Therefore, when choosing keywords, be as targeted as possible. Instead of trying to rank well for a very broad, generalized term, discover some long tail keywords that you can use instead.

3 thoughts on “Rank Well Using Long Tail Keywords

  1. Long Tail Keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling/promoting.

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