Trying to optimize your site for search engine could be very annoying especially if you do not know where to start from. Nonetheless I have outlined some tips to help even a first timer on the internet to get started. These tips if followed precisely could just make the difference.


If you care about nothing then care about this one. Always try to change the code in your title tag to something relevant to the body of the content. Make sure you add your main keywords to the to the title tag so it could be targeted for users and not only search engines. Take note that Google displays only 69 characters so there is no need to stuff up with unnecessary keywords.


This also goes in line with the title tag. It is also imperative to include your main keywords in the description tag in order to make it more Search Engine friendly. Statistics have shown that description tags that contain all keywords do not necessary get clicked by users so it is advisable to spread the keywords.


It is very important to be consistent with your URL when used in post. It is also sensible to use a unified web address so that the pages don’t get treated differently because of this variation. It makes it a lot easier if you consolidate this links by using a consistent address like ‘www’ or “http:www”. The same applies if your website has a ‘index.html’ preceding it and when used the ‘.html’ file is ignore. It is imperative to change server settings to canonicalize these settings


Your site may lose its rankings if it is discovered to have broken links. When parts of the sites are not well connected to itself or other sites, you site will drop positions

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