Should we always do as the experts say?

In most, if not all areas of business there are the experts that we should all listen to and heed the advise that they give.

Then you get the occasional business person who has their own ideas which go against what all the experts say will work. They ignore that and pursue their ideas and views with a passion.

Now we can all think of examples of these sorts and the most sucsessful are millionaires.

So I got to wondering, would the same apply with SEo and SERPS?

We all try our best to follow the route the gurus spell out. We chase the, mostly, elusive goal with assurance that we are doing things right. Alot will get there, more wont.

What if…you or I decided we would ignore the rules, miss out what is considered best practice and pursue the unique ideas you have?

I guess alot would depend on what exactly those ideas are. Results could depend on the type of website, what the market competition is …etc…etc.

Makes me think though………maybe when I get the time!

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