Some of the Best Link Bait Ideas

When it comes to optimising your website for the search engines, you will know that one of the biggest factors that Google and almost every other search engines relies upon is inbound links to your website. This is why having a good amount of great quality links to your website is absolutely paramount if you are looking to rank highly. There are a lot of different ways of gaining links to your website however including emailing webmasters, adding yourself to directories and so forth but perhaps one of the most powerful ways if done correctly is a piece of link bait.


What is link bait?

Link bait is basically a piece of content that will act as bait for getting links to your website. Essentially, a piece of link bait will be on your own website and will contain content that a huge amount of people will want to link to as it contains some great information. Link bait is often something that can be extremely powerful for link building and can sometimes get hundreds of thousands of great links to your website.

However, coming up with a great piece of link bait is often quite difficult as it is hard to know what people will link to . There are some great ideas already out there however that are usually extremely popular and are often used as link bait.


News content as link bait


News content link bait

One of the great forms of link baits is actually news content. News is fantastic as it can often be updated on a daily basis and it will contain relevant information that Google loves. This means that if you have a decent authority for your website or are featured in Google news, you will probably end up getting a lot of visitors anyway through news content on your website.

However, one thing that you need to remember is that in order to maximise the effect of your news link bait, you should write about something that not many other people are writing about. For example, if you are the first to notice that Twitter has rolled out a new feature or a new user interface, then get writing news about that straight away and you will be surprised at the number of links that you get back to your site as other websites and people will want to share the information with the rest of the world.

You should also write the news as well as you possibly can as people will be much more likely to link to a high quality source than a poor quality one. This shouldn’t be a problem if you regularly post news on your website anyway. Make sure that you get your content listed on the social networks and social bookmarking websites once you have created it too.


Infographics for link bait

Good looking, informative infographics are the best!

Infographics are long regarded as one of the most powerful forms of link bait. Infographics are basically a visual representation of data and whilst blog posts and news content are usually pretty easy to write, infographics will gain a lot more interest as people love to see information in the most visual way they possibly can. You will probably have seen a few infographics in your time and you will probably have been fascinated with them if you have.

Of course, infographics do take a lot of time to create in many cases and the better the quality, the more links that you get of course. The way that you get people to link back to your website is that you give them permission to use the infographic (this is usually a hosted imagine file) if they link back to your website.

This creates a win-win situation for everyone as other webmasters get free, high quality content for their websites in the form of the infographic that you have created and you get back links to your website.


Make your writing controversial

Another great link bait idea is to write about something controversial. People love an opinion and you will find that a post that expresses a lot of opinion over something controversial will be extremely likely to get links to your website. Taking an extremely view on a matter that is really in the public eye at the moment will almost definitely get links to your website as people aren’t usually that used to hearing opinions on the internet, it is usually just posts with facts etc.

You will find that if you choose a subject to write about that you are passionate about anyway, you won’t find it that difficult to create a controversial post about the subject as it will be mainly your opinions anyway.


Video for link bait


Host your video on YouTube or your own site.

Another thing that is great for link bait these days is video. This has come around in the last few years as many websites now have videos embedded in their website. The best way to get a video to be used as link bait is to actually host it on your own website and let people know that they are able to embed it on their website too if they provide a backlink.

Videos are great as you can actually supply the users with embed code that is really set up for them. If you like, this can even include a link to your website so you can be sure that people wil lactually be linking to your website when they place their video on theirs.

Videos that are often likely to get a lot of embeds/links are videos that are informative, funny or even controversial once again.



There are so many different ideas for link bait and another popular strategy is of course building a widget. These can be embedded in peoples sites with a link once again and are a great way to build more links. Link bait should be part of any good SEO’s link building strategy for their website.

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