The Power Of Anchor Text

The power of anchor textHave you ever wondered exactly what kind of power lies in the hands of anchor text? Let me enlighten you.

Back in 2003, a bunch of people who didn’t like George Bush too much got together and inserted links everywhere they could that looked like this:

Miserable Failure

Eventually, enough websites linked to George W. Bush’s biography using the words “miserable failure” in their anchor text that the page ranked #1 for the term in Google. It may have worked because it’s not a very competitive keyphrase, but it’s still a great example of how anchor text can affect your search engine ranking.

Googlebombing, or link bombing, has become common in web culture. The SEO community has sponsored contests in order to manipulate ranks for nonsense, noncompetitive terms. It’s a subject of some controversy, raising questions of whether the search engines should remove these kinds of pranks from their results, whether it’s just harmless fun, and whether it still works the way it used to 5 years ago. Whatever your opinion is on the subject, facts such as this should open your eyes to the importance of choosing the right anchor text for your links.

Instead of falling in the habit of linking to your site like this:

For free online PHP lessons, click here!

Try choosing your anchor text to be relevant to your site:

I offer free online PHP lessons.

Believe it or not, “click here” is listed in Google more than 1,290,000,000 times! This is because so many people use “click here” as the anchor text for their links. In this case, I would have a better chance ranking #1 for “free online PHP lessons” with about 2,390,000 results.

So let this be your lesson: When linking to your site or paying for link ads, don’t forget to use relevant anchor text!

2 thoughts on “The Power Of Anchor Text

  1. I had to laugh regarding the “click here” links. I do have a couple of those, but I ONLY use them if I know I’m targeting newbies who may not understand where to click. :)

  2. hi, i agree with you because anchor text works for me, all you need to do is to make anchor text to your site, and advertise it on different sites and earn points from this keyword. the more you post the more chance you will be on the top position

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