Top 4 Guest Posting Guidelines You Should Know

Guest posting is one of the most powerful SEO techniques out there and it is the technique that most people will use to really further their campaigns. However, there are a lot of different things that you will need to consider when guest posting and a lot of people actually get things very wrong. Here are the top 4 guest posting guidelines that you should be sure to be following in order to get the maximum effect from your guest posts and of course, avoid any penalties from Google.


Ensure the blog is a good enough quality


Triphp - A great quality blog example :)

A lot of people, when they start out guest posting, will simply look for sites that are accepting guest posts and submit an article to them. Of course, this is the process of guest posting but the truth is that not any blog will do. You really need to ensure that the blog your are posting on is both a good enough quality and is relevant to your niche.

The best guest posting websites are the sites that are likely to offer some benefit to your beyond SEO. For example, a good guest post will actually bring visitors to your website because the blog that you posted on was of such a high quality, that your post got a lot of views and people were interested to find out more.

There are a lot of different ways that you can ensure that a blog is good quality such as look at the information from SEMRush, Alexa, Google Pagerank and of course, MozRank, but the most important deciding factor of all is whether or not you think the blog is personally a good blog to write for. Think about it. Would you visit the website? Would you read the content on there and then share it with your friends? If the answer is yes, then this blog is good quality.


Write great content 

This is a really important issue that I feel the need to bring up. A lot of people will spend countless hours creating the content for their own website but then, when it comes to the content for guest posting, they will often neglect the perfection and write bog standard articles. To put it politely, this is a bad technique. The truth is that you should be putting as much thought into the guest posts you are posting on other peoples blogs are you do for your own.

A good guest blog is one that attracts a lot of attention so if you have something really interesting to talk about that’s a perfect match topic-wise for the blog you are posting on, it will be likely to get social shares and even links of its own. This is when a guest blog becomes really powerful as it will attract more links and authority over time, thus giving your website (the website that the guest post links to) more authority.

Another quick thing to note, that a lot of people might not agree with, is to write your content bespoke for each blog. A lot of people will get a certain number of articles written, and then look to distribute them online. Personally, I think this is a bad technique as it means you aren’t able to customise your blog for each specific blog.


Seek out sites that don’t usually allow guest posts


Site seeking guest post contributors

now, this might seem like a bit of an odd technique as you might be thinking “why would I do this when there’s millions of sites just waiting for content?”. Let me explain. Getting a guest post on a website that doesn’t usually accept guest posts will be a much harder tasks, but it will be more rewarding in the long run. If a website accepts guest posts ever day of the week, it will no doubt have hundreds of links to other peoples websites on there, which in effect, water down the sites own SEO a little.

As well as this, Google will see that the site is linking to a lot of different websites and you will always run the risk of being penalised for getting a paid link (even if it actually isn’t). The best sites for you to post on are sites that accept guest posts every now and again or don’t usually accept them at all. These sites can be hard to break, so make sure that you have a good post for them otherwise they won’t be interested.


Build relationships


Twitter - a great way to build relationships

Again, this is another area of guest posting that is often neglected as it is much easier to send out a bunch of emails saying “Hi, I have attached a guest post for submission blah blah blah”. For the blog/site owner, this email is out of the blue and there is no reason for them to trust you more than anyone else they get mails from regarding guest posts. You need to stand out from the crowd and make them feel like you want to post on their website, because their website is so special.

There are a lot of ways to build up relationships, and it might not necessarily be by email. You can use Twitter, Facebook and a number of other forms of communication methods to try and build up a relationship. Say something great about their blog or ask them a question. Be friendly and then ask if you can contact them regarding a guest post idea you had.

If you are writing emails, I always ask if they would allow a post on a certain subject and what their guidelines are to start with. This way, I can build up a relationship and ensure that I write a post tailored to them (therefore much more likely to get published on their website).



There are so many people guest posting these days that you need to think outside the box a little. Guest posting can be creative if you let it and this is what will get the best results.

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