Top 5 Methods for Increasing Traffic to your Blog

Building a blog is not different these days, especially with platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr out there but actually getting your blog to become popular and have a lot of visitors is a different story. Getting visitors to your blog is a mixture of a lot of different efforts all coming together. Many years ago, it would have been possible to simply build a blog and people would flock to it if it had good information but these days, with the huge number of blogs that are already out there, this is certainly not the case.

If you are looking to attract more visitors to your blog then here are the top five things that you should be doing.


Write great content

Although this isn’t necessary a method that is targeted directly at getting more visitors to your blog, we thought that we would mention it anyway as it is extremely important. You NEED to write great content on your blog otherwise the chances of any of the other methods of getting more visitors to your blog actually working are slim. People love great content and you will be surprised at how little blogs have great content out there.

You need to be targeting your blog towards a certain type of person too. Perhaps you have a website design blog; this will then be targeted to webmasters so you can feel free to use language such as HTML5 and CSS3 without alienating your readers. However, if you are writing a simple news blog, you will probably want to adopt a more professional style and make sure not to use language that will alienate the readers of your blog.


Have SEO in mind when creating posts

Google’s Free Keyword Tool is the best place to start

A lot of many blogs search traffic will come from the search engines and once you have gained authority on your blog, you will more than likely be able to attract visitors from the search engines from new pieces of content pretty quickly. The more well known your blog is to Google, the faster your content will be indexed and the higher up the SERP’s it will appear.

This gives you a great opportunity to actually look what people are searching for and cater to the high search volumes. Fore example, if you are looking to write a post about Facebook or another social networking website, use Googles Keyword too to see what people are searching for in regards to this at the moment. You might find that people are searching a lot about the new Timeline feature on Facebook and if this is the case, this is your opportunity to create the best piece of timeline content out there that answers all of these peoples questions.


Share your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

Always share your posts on Facebook, Twitter etc

Social networking is the cornerstone of getting visitors to your blog and you will find that a lot of blog owners actually get a majority of their content from these sources. In order to get people sharing, you need to share your content first. You should have a Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter account set up for your blog at the very least and you should try and get as many targeted followers as you can.

Once you share the posts on these social networking websites, you will find that people will retweet you and re-post the things that you have shared. This will create a viral piece of content that will gain visitors, links and everything else before you know it.


Incorporate social networks on your blog

As mentioned above, social networks are one of the most powerful ways to get your content out there and gain visitors to your blog but you should be incorporating social networking into your blog too. One of the biggest things that you must have on your blog is a way for people to share your content when they have read it. You should add twitter, Facebook and other social networking/media buttons to your website to allow people to share the content with their friends in just one click.

You can also incorporate a Twitter and Facebook button that will allow people to become fans of yours on these social networking websites. This will mean that you will gain followers and friends and therefore, you will have more people to send content too when you have your next blog post.

Social media and social bookmarking websites should also be incorporated on your website too as visitors sharing on sites like StumbleUpon and Digg are extremely powerful and gain a lot of visitors to your site.


Check your analytics regularly

Check Google Analytics to see trends.

One of the things that a lot of blog owners neglect is actually keeping track of their website statistics using an analytics program. This is one of the things that you should really be doing as an analytics program like Google’s Analytics tool will allow you to be able to see exactly where visitors are finding you and what brought them to your blog.

Google Analytics will even show you the percentage of visitors that came from your blog from social networks, search engines and much more. You will also be able to see spikes in your analytics trend when you posted a piece of new content and if you noticed that it caused a large spike one time, chances are that you should probably be posting more content like that.

As well as this, you will be able to see where most of your traffic comes from and if for example you find that Facebook brings the most amount of traffic, you need to target your efforts more on Facebook as much as you can.



Blogs can gain a lot of visitors if you follow these simple steps that are laid out above and they are not too difficult either. There are a lot of ways to add social share buttons easily on WordPress and the other things can be incorporated rather easily too. You should see a huge growth in your visitor numbers after implementing the following steps.

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