Top SEO Tips To Improve Traffic

Comprehensive Keyword Research

The life of any SEO begins with a comprehensive Keyword search and sorting. This is very imperative for one to be successful in traffic creation although most SEO professionals usually ignore this fact, eventually they end up revising and rebuilding keywords thereby wasting time and energy.

There are a couple of keyword research tools which can come in handy to help optimize for search engine and improve traffic. They are the Google Insight, Google Keyword Tool and even Google suggestions. It even gives you the luxury to receive exact number of monthly searches on your keyword. Now isn’t amazing?

What do you do next? Download them to an excel sheet, sort the keywords and work on them.

Create Original Content

People love to read original and informative content especially if qualitative and passes a logical message. The same goes with Search Engine crawlers which crawl websites for useful, informative and qualitative content. Please take note that the content present in your site is to be original if this method is to be successful. A well optimized content should contain the right link of words with about 2-3% keyword densed.

It is important to use two to three keywords in the whole content whilst starting the post will the more relevant and useful information whilst ending with the keyword.

Web Page Optimization

Search engines easily read well optimized web pages. A properly optimized webpage contains the relevant content in the Title, Description and Body Tag. Endeavour to include the right keywords in the right places. Do not forget to place the Alt tags  besides images as well.

Others include Social Bookmarking and Syndication.

2 thoughts on “Top SEO Tips To Improve Traffic

  1. You can never go wrong with coming up with interesting, unique content all the time. Not only you will get the respect of the people around you, this can also help you establish your authority in your chosen niche.

    There’s also a higher chance of getting a lot of backlinks as they refer to your article in their blogs and/or websites. These are just some of the huge benefits of publishing interesting and original article all the time.

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