What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a tricky subject.

When to start to research it you realise that there are so many different views and ideas on what are and are not the best methods. Just as you think you have understood it you read another Blog or Article that blows what you believe to be true out of the water! Who or what do you believe, thats the Million Dollar question. Is any one person or Company right,or is it best to take in as much as your brain can stand and then,after much deliberation,create your own view?

Then we have Google!! Now there is so much talk about Google, it must be one of the biggest subjects talked about in the webmaster area.The problem with Google is just as you think you have got it right and finally understood what its all about,spent hours doing what you think is right……the rules get changed! A bit like playing a game of Football and the ref changing the rules every 10 minutes!

I think most website owners are “part timers”, and as such dont have the time,money or resources that the “full timers” or big Companies have. So what chance do they have? Or should the question be, what chance do they want? Turn it round that way and its a whole new ball game. Set yourself achievable goals and enjoy what you do, have to be the two main points.

SEO for “part timers”(excuse the phrase!) has to begin with the basic steps,all of which can be easily found, not just at TriPHP but most good Webmaster Forums. Start with these, get them right first and take pride that you have done it,and do it right. You can only do so much, so be selective what you do, decide where you want your site to be and focus on that area.For example if you are selling and shipping a product only to the Uk then why promote your site to, say Japan?

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