10 iPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without

When Apple first released the iPhone, there were only a few apps available to buy in the iTunes App Store, but nothing special. Today, there are over 140,000 app’s to choose from that can do just about anything you could imagine, all at the tap of a screen. In this short article, we will run through 10 of the best app’s available that we feel you shouldn’t ever live without.

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking websites in the world and millions of people use it on a day to day basis. With the Facebook app for the iPhone, you can even access your account one the move, any place, anytime.

2. EBay

EBay is the world’s leading online auction website and it see’s millions of new items listed for sale each day. If you run an eBay business, or are even just an eBay addict, then this app is for you as it allows you to shop, sell or browse anywhere you are.

3. Sky +

Now, here is an app that you certainly cannot live without if you’re a TV addict. Ever forget to record that programme on your Sky + box? Do you remember when it’s too late and you’ve already left the house. Well, with this app you can set your Sky + box up to record anything, anywhere you are.

4. Skype

Why pay for a call when you can do it for free. Well, if you’ve used Skype before on your PC then you will know that this is exactly what the service offers. Now, it’s available on your iPhone. Call anyone with Skype for free, even from your phone!

5. Remote

If you are  regular user of iTunes on your PC or Mac, then this app is a must have. Now you won’t even have to leave your comfy chair in order to change the track as this app allows you to do it all from your phone. Browse Artists, Albums, Songs or even Shuffle. best of all, it’s FREE!

6. eBuddy

I bet there isn’t one of you that doesn’t use an instant messenger on a regular basis. EBuddy for iPhone allows you to chat with your friends while you are on the move, it allows you to sign in with a variety of different account types such as Windows Live, Yahoo, GTalk and many more.

7. Twitterific

Twitter is one of the newest social networking websites out there, but this doesn’t mean it’s the least popular. Twitter is one of the biggest and best social networking websites and now, you can Tweet on the move. There are a few Twitter apps for the iPhone but we think this one is the best. It has a beautiful interface and is extremely easy to use.

8. IMDB.

You’ve probably all heard of, and more than likely used this service in the past on your PC or Mac. It allows you to find almost anything you could ever wish to know out about a Film, TV Show, Actor etc. Now, you can do all this on the move with your phone. Once again, this app is FREE!

9. PayPal.

If you use eBay, then there is no doubt you use PayPal. This app is great and allows you to send and recieve payments on the move. Great for if you run an online or eBay business, or if you just like shopping!

10. MySpace

Although there are new and exciting social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook, we musn’t forget Myspace. MySpace is still probably the king of all social networking websites and you can now access your account from your iPhone. Great if you’re a social networking addict!

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