12 reasons why you should go twitterific for business

If you were searching high and low for connecting with others and boosting your business simultaneously, then you might have opined of ‘turning social’. Though social networking sites such as twitter endow people with an effortless medium to stay connected to what’s most important for them, there’s still a lot more behind the feature-list that anyone could imagine. Yes, you got it absolutely right if ‘let’s try micro blogging service for business’ just happened to strike your right brain chords. It may knock you over with feather but twitter can indeed help you flourish your business and promote your idea. Following are such 12 important reasons why you should go twitterific for business that will grab eyeballs from every corner around. Take a look!

1: Distributing Coupons and Offers

Since twitter has been emerged as a significant permission-based communication source, you can benefit the most from it by distributing offers. You can focus on appealing consumers through attractive perks and coupons distribution.

2: Communicating with Employees

Twitter can certainly be used for quickening the communication process. Considering that people need ‘more in less time’, you can communicate with your employees effectively without really having to tie up email servers.

3: Receiving Customer Complaints

It may surprise you but customers no longer believe in 5-star service these days. Thus, twitter can be used for receiving customer complaints in the open. This won’t only help your potential customers to trust in your brand, but also allow you boost the overall productivity.

4: Finding or Posting a Job

The micro blogging site allows recruiters and seekers to post information about the job wanted or job openings. This way, an individual can conveniently locate how close they are searching for employment and target the right candidates at the same time.

5: Information Seeking and Sharing

Not many would really realize but twitter has evolved as an incredible alternative to search engines. Business developers can benefit from the site in order to share or seek relevant information. By taking advantage of which, people are generally enabled to latch on almost the right information,


including their relevance to an industry.

6: Personal Branding

One of the most crucial reasons to go twitterific is the fact that twitter helps business owners and employers to build a personal brand. Establishing a personal brand online can furthermore enable one to commence their network and agency. Doesn’t that sound great?

7: Effective Networking

If you have been seeking right prospects, then twitter can contribute massively to your purpose. Networking online is indeed an awesome precursor for networking offline and ascertains some great business relationships.

8: Twitter Search Optimization with Hash-tags

Since searches on twitter are gaining popularity day by day, you can augment your business through hash-tags utilization. Consider the option of being discovered by using hashtags effectively in auto-post mechanisms or tweets.

9: Public Relations

Though public relations are a vital factor for any business to prosper, you can aggrandize the value of Public Relations’ facet by heading to twitter. And as twitter functions at the speed of typing 140 characters, you can ensure that your company surpasses others in the competition.

10: Online Ordering

Like any other aspect, online ordering on twitter should help you accomplish your objective. You can advance your service by taking orders online and simplifying the entire purchasing process for customers out there.

11: Viral Marketing

Touted to be the ultimate in viral marketing, twitter may help you boost your business by pushing your message from one network to another. Though re-tweet is an amazing tool for viral marketing, the site executes optimum efficiency in a matter of minutes.

12: Communication Alerts

Lastly but equally important, you should focus on communication alerts by the virtue of twitter. The site can be an outweighing medium for allowing you to communicate with your customers or prospects. This way, you can keep your company as well as your entire group thoroughly notified of updates that need to be conveyed lickety-split.

Hopefully, the aforementioned reasons are strong enough to compel you for adopting twitter approach in your business. Not only will they allow you to systematize and advance your business standards, but will also keep you connected with others around (wink, wink).

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who takes an utmost care while choosing her stuff. Being a health conscious girl she prefers to own only home remedies for her treatment and skin care. Whenever she is on a look out for some really cool and funky outfit to wear, an eco friendly dress is always her top priority. These days she is busy in writing article on Umbrella Strollers.

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