5 Of The Best Social Plugins for WordPress in 2012

WordPress is of course one of the most popular CMS’ out there and it is used by millions of websites around the world. One of the things that makes WordPress so fantastic is the fact that there are thousands of different plugins allowing you to customise the CMS to allow it to be able to do almost anything you want. Of course, WordPress is also great for SEO because of its structure. One of the things that does great with SEO is social media and now, there are tonnes of great social plug-ins out there for WordPress.

We have rounded up a list of some of the best social plug-ins for WordPress out there so you can attract visitors with the social media websites and social networking websites easily. Here they are!


Facebook Open Graph Meta Plug-in

Facebook Open Graph Plug-in

This is an absolutely amazing plug-in that will make your website fit in with Facebook really well. If you are familiar with Facebook, then you will know about the Open Graph solution that they have for webmasters. Basically. this is a way to let Facebook know about the content of your website by including different meta tags that have been created by Facebook. This means that when someone posts something form your website on Facebook, there will be a nice image or even a video along with the link. This will increase click through rates in the news feed and much more.

The Facebook Open Graph Meta plug-in for WordPress will allow you to specify exactly what you want Facebook to display once a user has either liked or shared your websites content. Doing this is really easy as the plug-in will add an easy to use interface in the admin panel of your website so you can customise exactly what is shown for each post and/or page.

You can get the plug-in here.



Sharethis Plug-in

This is a must have plug-in for any WordPress blog/website as it will really take the social sharing aspect of your website to the next level. This is actually a rally common plug-in for WordPress so the chances are that you might have seen it around before on other websites. The ShareThis plug-in will basically give you the ability to add buttons to your website that will allow your visitors to share the content.

There are a number of different options when it comes to the ways that the plug-in will look on your website and it is all customisable from the WordPress admin interface. There are a number of different buttons that you will be able to choose from depending on how you want your website to look and it is of course free of charge to use on your website. You can also choose whether you want the buttons on all of your posts, pages or any combination of these that you like. It is this flexibility that makes the plug-in extremely popular.

You can get the plug-in here.


Smart YouTube

Smart YouTube Plug-in

This is a really great WordPress plug-in that you should be using if you embed a lot of video content on your website. Of course, YouTube videos are able to be embedded on WordPress websites pretty easily, simply by copying and pasting the YouTube code on to your website. However, this fantastic plug-in will make the entire process even easier and will give you some other great options to.

Basically, this plug-in will allow you to add a lot of other information about your videos on the pages quite easily. you can set things like the size of your videos, how they are embedded, appearance and much more. You can also make sure that your videos are displayed how you would like them to be on popular devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPad.

You can get the plug-in here.


Social Metrics

Social Metrics Plug-in

This is a really great plug-in and we would recommend it for any WordPress website or blog that gets a lot of visitors from social media and social networking websites, or at least any that are trying to do this. Basically, the Social metrics plug-in will allow you to keep track of how your content is being shared and how successful it has been on the social networking websites. You will be able to see quickly and easily what content was shared the most on a variety of social networking and social media websites including Twitter, Facebook, Digg and many others. This will allow you to see what types of content are actually the best and most popular on your website.

The plug-in is extremely simple to set up and you will be analysing your social metrics in no time with the easy to use admin interface.

You can get the plug-in here.


Wickett Twitter Widget

Wickett Twitter Plug-in

This is a great WordPress plug-in that will once again, make your life a whole lot easier. You might have come across websites previously that actually have their Twitter feeds displayed somewhere on the website and of course, this is just a piece of code that Twitter provides However, with WordPress websites, this might be hard to install correctly so this plug-in takes away all of the hassle.

This will basically give you a lot more options too when it comes to the content that is shown in the Twitter feed that you display. You will be able to choose exactly how many tweets are displayed on the plug-in and you will be able to filter out things like mentions and retweets. These are all useful tools when it comes to deciding exactly what you want to display on the site.

You can get the plug-in here.



There are many great social plug-ins out there as well as the ones that we have mentioned above and we really recommend that you look into them if you haven’t already done so. We live in a time when no website should be without social sharing tools so if this is your website, then you should do something about it.

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