Facetagram – The Thought Behind Facebook’s Recent Acquisition

Facetagram. That right there is a potential rebrand for the newly Facebook- acquired Instagram. Hopefully if they use it I’ll see some remuneration come my way and possibly land a job as Zuckerberg’s right hand man…

If you don’t know what I’m referring to then possibly you’ve been living under a rock these last couple of weeks. Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram was huge news recently, and there has been a lot of coverage. Almost everyone knows what went down here; the question is though, what does this mean for users of both services? And what is the plan over at Facebook HQ?

What is Instagram

In case you weren’t previously aware of Instagram, it is essentially a platform for sharing photos via mobile. The idea is that you can take a photo, apply a filter if you so wish, and then quickly upload it to Instagram’s own site or to various other social networks. It’s distinctive because the pictures come out square, but the big selling point is of course how easy it makes uploading pictures.

Why Facebook Bought Instagram

It should be quite clear to most observers why Facebook decided to purchase this particular piece of software – it ties in perfectly with the whole theme of Facebook which let’s not forget started out mostly as a way to share and tag photographs. Before there was even a home-feed, there was sharing pictures.

A cynical person might even suggest that Facebook were perhaps a little worried that Instagram could potentially provide them with competition – if enough person were to use the service and upload pictures to Instagram’s own site, then they might be tempted to make the jump to using Instagram as their main network. And it doesn’t help much that Facebook doesn’t have particular great mobile apps, or that even the main photo uploaded function on the site itself seems to constantly crash – while Instagram’s is highly quick and intuitive as its 4 million users attest. Apparently Facebook bought the company for twice its valuation – suggesting that they rather wanted the company.

What Does This Mean?

Ultimately this isn’t that shocking. Big time fans of Instagram reportedly weren’t overly pleased with the move, but nor were Marvel fans when Disney took over – and nothing really changed. What we can expect obviously is that the two systems will be more integrated, but otherwise the world will continue as normal.

And Facebook representatives have apparently stated that they don’t intend to make many similar purchases in future ‘if at all’. Don’t expect then to see Facebook going on a shopping spree and gobbling up services, as we’ve seen from Facebook in the past it seems things are staying very much focussed on sharing photos and


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