Google SEO- Past, Present & Future

The way search engines work is changing very rapidly. I have created this video to discuss a little bit about how Google has ranked websites in the past, some of the methods used by Google to calculate where your website ranks today, and where I see Google going in the near future.

Organic search engine traffic should be of the upmost importance for any website owner. In order to achieve high search engine rankings, it is important that you understand how search engines work, and what is done to determine how to rank your site.

This video discusses common tactics that website owners used in the past to achieve high Google rankings, but how these have become obsolete.

Many SEO methods are used today, but as Google evolves and marches on into the future, I see the common search engine optimization methods used today slowly becoming less influential as algorithms change.

Google is focusing more on creating a personalized experience for each and every person that utilizes their search engine, and it is imperative that all who desire to rank well in Google understand where Google is going and what the future holds for SEO and search engine marketing as a whole.

Google SEO- Past, Present & Future

4 thoughts on “Google SEO- Past, Present & Future

  1. Great concept! Sometimes I see some speculation as to whether SEO is dying or not and I don’t think it’s really dying, just changing.

  2. Man… this video opened up a whole new can of beans for me.

    I guess I never really thought of it too much, but you’re so right! I did notice Google’s personalized searches and now that you point it out to me, I do see some major changes taking place…

    Hopefully this means I will start getting more traffic myself soon! :)

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