Setting up a social media presence for a new website

When you are setting up a new website these days, there are a lot of things to think about. One of the things is of course SEO but another priority should be setting up a social media presence for your website/company. These two things (SEO and Social Media) work well together and this year, many of the search engines include Google is planning to put more weight on companies that have a good social media presence when it comes to their search results.

This makes setting up a social media presence for your website more important than ever. However, you might have noticed that there are a lot of social media websites out there including things like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as Digg and other social bookmarking websites. This makes things quite confusing as you will need to figure out which are the best for your business and which you should be joining. Here’s a bit of a guide to get your started in the world of social media:


Creating accounts with the big social networking websites

Make sure you get a Facebook business page!

One of the things that you should do almost straight away when starting a new website is to set up social networking accounts with the biggest social networking websites out there. This will have a huge effect on your business as it will allow you to communicate with potential customers and people of interest directly. It is also great for getting your brand out there.

Setting up a Facebook business page: Facebook is the biggest social network in the entire world and it is also the first one that you should be joining. Facebook will allow you to set up a business page on their website where you will be able to keep all of your ‘followers’ updated on what you and your business are up to. You will be able to post statuses with rich content in them (videos, images, links etc) which will draw attention to your website too.

Setting up a Facebook business page will take just a few minutes so there really isn’t any excuse for not doing it. Make sure that you add all of the information you can to your business page however including a website link, a good paragraph of information about the business, email address, map, phone number and anything else that is relevant to your particular website. Google and other search engines will see this website link and understand that you have a social media presence.


Setting up a Twitter account: Another social networking website that is popular for websites and businesses is Twitter. This is a great website for keeping in touch with people directly as you can actually allow people to tweet at you. You can also tweet at people and like Facebook, you can share statuses with your followers including links to sites, photos and even videos.

You need to ensure that you set up your Twitter page as best you can once again including your location, logo, website link and short description. Once set up, you should also make sure that you are active on this site and attempt to gain relevant followers. Once you have a good amount of followers, you will easily be able to update people on what is happening with your website/company and it will open a lot of doors for you too.

Note: Twitter and Facebook can be linked together which will allow you to manage your accounts much more easily. You can also use websites such as Hootsuite for scheduling tweets if you are busy outside the office or even on holiday.


Setting up a LinkedIn account: This is another social networking website that is absolutely paramount for any business out there. LinkedIn is actually a social network for businesses and professionals and setting up a profile will allow you to network with people that you might already know in the online world as well as people that you might have met elsewhere online such as twitter.

LinkedIn will allow you to set up a profile for yourself, allowing you to network with others and add your business/website details. It will also allow you to set up a business page which can contain information about your business and website link. You should make sure that you put some effort into this and add everything you need to the page. LinkedIn is an important part of your social media presence for your website and/or business.


Setting up a Google Plus account: Google Plus is an extremely new social network that was launched din late 2011 by Google. With Google being one of the biggest search engines out there, having a Google Plus page for your business is something that is absolutely necessary. Although there aren’t as many people on the social network as Facebook or Twitter, Google Plus is attracting millions of new users and it is set to become quite big.

As well as this, Google is actually use their Google Plus One metric in their search results now and having a Google Plus business page will help with this a little. Google Plus business pages have also been found to rank extremely well in the search engine results from Google so there is no doubt that their pages are excellent for SEO.

Google Plus pages allow you to add a description of your business as well as links to your website. You can even add different anchor text to your links which always helps if you are trying to rank for particular keywords. Once again, make sure to fill this page in as best you can.


Creating account with popular social bookmarking websites

StumbleUpon - A great social bookmarking website.

Social bookmarking websites are great ways to get people to see the fantastic content that you have on your website and they are also great for getting links to your website too. Depending on the niche of your website, these could be the best thing ever as often, if a piece of content becomes popular, you will be featured on the homepage of these social bookmarking websites and therefore have a lot more people look at your website and build links to you.

Create a Digg account: Digg is one of the biggest social bookmarking websites out there so it is important to make an account on here. It is also extremely good if you can incorporate a Digg button on the pieces of content on your website too as this will help people to share your content on Digg. Creating a Digg account can be done in a few minutes and for free.

Create a StumbleUpon Account: StumbleUpon is my personal favourite social bookmarking website and it has recently had a revamp. The site looks great and often gets you visitors and attention just like Digg. You can also add a StumnbleUpon button to your website like with Digg. You should bookmark everything yourself with StumbleUpon too!

Create a Reddit account: Reddit is another great site and once again, you should have an account with this site and be submitting your content. Add a button to your content on your site for extra exposure once again.


Build up profiles on Video sharing websites

YouTube - the most popular video sharing website.

One of the things that is huge in marketing and the web at the moment is videos. Videos are becoming more and more popular and ever since the rise of YouTube, people have started to watch videos online more and more. If you don’t already have any video content on your website then we recommend that you get some. You can create videos for free with places like Animoto which you can then share on the big video sharing websites.

Get a YouTube account: You should add any videos that you have to YouTube as this is the biggest video sharing website in the world. This website will allow you to add links to your website too on your videos as well as add SEO content. YouTube submission is a must for any video that you have.

Get a Vimeo account: Vimeo is a video sharing website that is great for those high quality video products that you might have. Adding to Vimeo will increase the reach of your video as they will show up in a Google video search just like YouTube. You will also be able to upload in full HD which is a great feature of Vimeo.

Get accounts with other video sharing websites: There are a lot of other great video sharing websites out there such as Dailymotion and more. These are all great for building up a profile for your business and great for getting attention to your videos.



Flickr - Photo sharing website.

There are so many websites that you can build profiles on when it comes to social media websites and all of the ones above are a good start. If you take a lot of photos, things like Flickr are also good and there are many industry specific social media websites out there. Most of the links that you obtain will be nofollow but it at least tells Google and other search engines that you are a legit company and that you plan to stick around.

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