The Secret To Getting Twitter And Facebook Followers

Social media marketing is one of those industries that much like SEO, can be very spammy. There are a lot of people out there that have realised that their business needs to make use of sites like Facebook and Twitter in order to stay ahead of the competition and effectively communicate with their customers in the modern world, but they are getting things all wrong.

A lot of companies are looking to grow their social media following and look at their follower numbers as a means of success. In fact, a lot of companies take this number so seriously that they even consider buying Twitter followers or Facebook “Like’s”. This is a process that is completely pointless and although it might get you a significant amount of Twitter followers, it is going to bring absolutely no benefit to your business at all.

So, what is the secret to actually getting genuine followers on these social networking websites? Well, it’s simple and it ties in with your other marketing efforts too (hopefully).


It’s All About Content Marketing

Any good SEO out there will know that the future of SEO is content marketing; this is the process of creating great content and using it to attract links and build authority to a website. However, a lot of people haven’t realised that this is also the future (and present) of social media marketing.

Think about it, people follow you on these social networking websites for a reason. The reason for them following you might vary and in some cases , they might just know you in the real world and decided to follow you out of kindness. But this isn’t a strategy for engaging your target audience and attracting more followers in the long run is it?

In order to actually attract the kind of followers you want to have, you need to use content marketing strategies to do so. But what exactly does this mean? I hear “content marketing” being passed around all the time these days and I often get the feeling it is just a phrase that people are saying. So, here are a few examples of effective content marketing on Twitter and Facebook.


#1 – Post Images

Coca Cola are one of many brands regularly using images in their social media content marketing strategy.

Twitter and Facebook are great places to post images. Facebook is especially good for this although as some of you might already be aware, not every single one of your Facebook posts actually shows up on your fans news feed now (a sad fact..we know). However, images are still one of the best ways of getting more engagement on social media websites.

Let’s use Coca Cola as an example of this. If you visit the company’s Facebook page you will notice a few things. First of all, they have a lot of fans on there but hey, it’s Coca Cola isn’t it!? Second of all, you will notice that they post a whole lot of images out to their fans on Facebook. This is one of their content marketing strategies in the social media world.

But why does this work? Well, in simple terms, people love seeing images about things they love. When any company posts and image on Facebook or Twitter, it is probably going to attract shares and Retweets which leads to more people becoming aware of your brand which leads to more people clicking the “Like” or “Follow” button your social media profile.

Make sure the images are relevant and interesting though, or you won’t get very far.


#2 – Post Videos

Posting video is a great way to engage your audience. YouTube videos are even embedded in Facebook and twitter news feeds.

Perhaps even better than images are videos. If you post the right video to your audience, it is going to attract a lot of attention and thus, a lot of retweets and shares leading to more people learning about your brand and being introduced to your company.

The thing that a lot of people get wrong here is the belief that the video has to have been produced, and be about their company. This is not the case. I know that not every company has the budget to be producing videos every five minutes purely for social media marketing purposes but luckily, there is a great site called YouTube (some of you might have heard of it!) that has millions of videos on almost any subject you can dream up.

YouTube is basically a godsend as you can find videos that are relevant and interesting to your industry and share them with your followers on social networking websites. For example, if you had an interior design company, you could easily post out videos on Facebook and Twitter of great interior designs on YouTube and engage your audience with great content, without it having to cost a penny.


#3 – Post Written Content

Written content is powerful. Mashable have millions of followers from regularly posting out written content on social media websites.

Again, this is another form of content marketing that can often lead to gaining more fans and followers on social networking websites. One of the mistakes that a lot of companies make here is thinking that once again, they can only post out their own content. This isn’t the case at all, you can post content on your social feeds from any website so long as you feel that the content will be received well by your fans and followers (target audience).

For example, let’s say you have a social media marketing company, you might choose to post out an article that you came across on say… which shows people how to get more twitter followers. Your followers are going to be interested in this as your followers have already actively shown an interest in your business which revolves around social media marketing.

Of course, posting your own content is great too, as this always ties in with SEO as well.



Content marketing is the future of the online marketing. It doesnt matter whether it is an exceptionally well written article, tutorial, news story, image, video, infographic or anything else, content is what is going to attract attention and ultimately lead to increased recognition of your brand.

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  1. For Facebook, images works the best to get followers and for Twitter, some of the unique tweets with targeted hashtags are the best approach to get more and more followers.
    Thanks for sharing the article with us :)

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