Top 3 WordPress Video Plug-in’s for your blog

When it comes to WordPress, there are a huge variety of plug-ins and one of the things that is becoming extremely big on the internet these days is online video. If you are looking for a great way to incorporate video into your blog, then there are some fantastic plug-ins out there for you. Here are some of the very best:

  1. Embedded Video Plug-in: This is a really simple but effective plug-in for WordPress that will allow you to easily be able to add videos to your blog from a variety of sources including YouTube, Google Video and many others. This plug-in also has the ability to generate a download link if you need it to which can be a great bonus if you are looking to offer your visitors the ability to get their hands on the video on your site.
  2. WordPress Video Plug-in: This is a really neat little plug-in that will allow you to embed videos on your WordPress blog from 65 different video hosting websites including all of the big ones as well as many others. This is extremely easy to incorporate into your blog and to install and can be done in a matter of just a few minutes. Some of the other websites that it allows include, Facebook, Flickr video and many others. This really is a great option wherever your videos are hosted.
  3. All in One Video Pack: This plug-in is a real all rounder as it not only allows you to easily be able to embed videos in to your WordPress blog, but it also provides the tools you might need to upload them, edit them and much more. This is a must have plug-in for any vide related blog.

There are many other great plug-ins out there including VodPod video gallery and many more. Others can be found on the WordPress website by simply doing a search. There is a video plug-in out there to suit almost everything you could ever need it for.

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