Top 8 Social Networks for driving traffic to Your Website

We all know that the social networks are expanding tremendously and they are growing by the day. The number of users is increasing even while you read this. This means that these networks are great to promote your business, website or product and drive traffic directly to your website.

Let’s see the top social networks available that can get you hundreds of visitors per day:



1. Facebook

Facebook is the largest network our there. It has over 750 million users which make this social network great for promoting your website. It has a lot of options suitable for promoting websites and it also has payed ads and a very good ad targeting system. You can target people of different ages, sex, countries, interests and much more.

You don’t have to promote your business through your personal profile because Facebook allows you to create a fan page for your website.


2. Twitter

Twitter is also a fast growing network for both companies and consumers. If you have some quality content on your blog that needs to be seen then twitter is the place to post your link since it’s really good for link promotion. It has a micro blogging system which is also good for real time conversations with your customers.


3. Linked In

This is a more professionally oriented network. Setting up a strong profile here is of high value and staying active on it will have strong impact in your traffic boost on your website. There are amazing opportunities for joining groups, events and huge online networks related to your niche.



4. MySpace

MySpace is still among the most visited social networks on the internet and still really good for promoting your business there even tho it lost a huge amount of traffic to Facebook. Creating profiles and getting friends is not the only marketing plan here because you can also find relevant groups to your niche and post bulletins there. It’s a great way to find potential customers.


5. Digg

Digg is a more of a news network then a social network site but it’s still categorized under social sharing networks. It’s a great site for where active bloggers can share content with each other. If you manage to get to the front page of digg it will lead to enormous increase in traffic and sales for sure.


6. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is also a content sharing site and it can be very addictive. It has a simple concept for friend connections and it enables people to share interesting links with each other through it’s toolbar. Even tho the traffic from this website is not of some huge value sometimes it’s proven to be effective and boost your income for a few zeros.


7. Reddit

Reddit is a site for sharing news much like Digg. So if you have interesting articles, blog posts or videos it would be a great idea to post them here because if many people find your link useful it will end up on reddit’s front page and it will drive massive amounts of traffic to your website.




Much like reddit and digg, delicious is a social network for sharing content through links. It mostly attracts younger crowd so if you are offering something that they might find more interesting then the others then that’s the place for your marketing campaign. The marketing on delicious is mostly manual which can be hard but it can pay off really well.

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