10 Of The Best Lesser Known Search Engines Of 2012

Most people will probably be using Google as their search engine these days as they have a monopoly in this area, as well as many others. However, there are many other search engines you would be using and many of these are pretty excellent themselves. Here are some of the best search engines that you might not have thought about using that are great. Enjoy.


1. Bing

We are sure that you will all have heard of this search engine as Microsoft (the owner) has been pushing it a huge amount just lately. Bing’s results are pretty good and gives you good suggestions that are slightly different from Google. It also looks a bit nicer.


2. Duck Duck Go

This is a great search engine that will look very similar to Google at first glance. However, there are some neat features of this search engine such as the way all of the results are actually displayed on the first page. Try it out.


3. Ask

This search engine has been around for quite a while now and it is worth bearing in mind when it comes to search engines. There is no doubt that this search engine looks nicer than Google and also allows you to ask more human questions.


4. Yahoo

Yahoo is more than just a search engine, much like Google. Yahoo is now powered by Bing but has a lot of other cool stuff on offer such as news, shopping and much more. The layout is similar to Google.


5. DogPile

Believe it or not, Dogpile was actually around before Google and used to be the king of online searches. However, Google quickly took over. Now, Dogpile is making a comeback with a new, slick looking interface that definitely rivals the big names.


6. Yippy

Yippy is a great idea for a search engine in my opinion. The idea of this site is that it actually searches other search engines for you and therefore, finds pages that are hidden deeper on the web.


7. Mahalo

Mahalo is an extremely unique search engine as it is powered solely by humans. There are hundreds and thousands of people that manually sit reviewing content on the web deciding where it should rank. The results from this search engine are often very different from Google.


8. Altavista

This is yet another search engine that was around before Google and it still remains a pretty good option. Altavista’s interface is a lot like Google and features images, video and more.


9. Wikipedia

Now, a lot of you will probably not regard this as a search engine as such but essentially, this is exactly what Wikipedia is. Wikipedia will allow you to find information on almost anything and it will be pretty accurate too.


10. Internet Archive

This is another search engine that will probably already be well known amongst any internet enthusiasts out there. The internet archive allows you to search websites and see what they looked like in the past. Not that useful on a day to day basis, but still pretty fun.

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