10 Of The Best Server Monitoring Tools

One of the things that you will rally need to make sure that you take care of when you have a website is the server that you are using to host your website. There is a lot to think about and monitoring your server is one of the most important things that you will need to do in order to keep on top of your website and ensure that it doesn’t experience downtime. We have found 10 of the best server monitoring tools for you. Enjoy!

1. Simple Server Monitor

This is a great server monitoring tool that will allow you to do everything you need on a budget. It is only $69.95 plus there is a 30 day trial. Click here to get the tool.

2. Jacarta

This is another great tool that will monitor the temperature and humidity of your server and ensure that it is kept in optimum conditions. Click here to get the tool.

3. EnviroMUX

This is a very powerful tool for monitoring your server that it actually used in data centres and by web hosting compnairs. It takes care of almost everything. Click here to get the tool.

4. Nagios

This is a great tool that will make sure that your IT staff know when there is a problem with your server or anything else. Click here to get the tool.

5. Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor

This is a great tool that will ensure that your servers are working as efficiently as possible. It is will also monitor routers and more. Click here to get the tool.

6. Nimsoft Monitoring

This is a great tool that actually monitors your servers and all of their configured resources. it has an easy to use dashboard also. Click here to get the tool.

7. Webmetrics Global Watch

This is a great tool that will do a varietry of things including diagnosing downtime, errors and much more. Click here to get the tool.

8. McAfee Secure

This is a very important tool in monitoring your website as websites will need to be maintained and free from viruses. Click here to get the tool.

9. Dom Com Monitor

This is a great tool that does a variety of things including helping to maximise the uptime of your website(s) and more. Click here to get the tool.

10. Pingdom

This is a great tool that helps you to track your website at all times. It sends SMS messages and there is also an iPhone app available. Click here to get the tool.

5 thoughts on “10 Of The Best Server Monitoring Tools

  1. Check out http://www.sentinelmonitoring.com as another great option to those included in the list above.

    It’s a bit like pingdom except its way cooler and provides a bunch of serverside checks like disk space, cpu load, memory usage and more .. as well as being able to monitor all the usual internet accessible services like http, https etc.

    We have a 1 month free trial available and pricing is extremely affordable at just $10/month.

    All the best.


  2. @Den: unfortunately Dotcom-monitor is an example of monitoring that si not really monitoring you can rely on. That service will only notify you when your server is already experiencing problems (either being slow or not responding at all).

    Good server monitoring will allow you to see the health of your server, like HD space and CPU usage, as well as application performance metrics like the Queries per second in your MySQL server, or the amount of emails in your postfix queue.

    Lists like these are dangerous imho because they don’t make that difference sufficiently clear. Tools like Zabbix and Tribily, a hosted version of zabbix (http://tribily.com) _do_ offer that kind of monitoring.

    Preventing problems is much better then curing them ;) !

  3. This is really amazing to see how monitoring services are helping the businesses in achieving error free processes. Monitor Scout, a complete web monitoring solution provider has also launched its services across the globe which will not only give prior notifications but will also help in maintaining server/website health regularly. http://www.monitorscout.com
    please follow this link to sign up for free trial.

  4. I think you should checkout SeaLion (https://sealion.com). It gives a combined system for network as well as system metrics information and the flexibility to monitor any other metric required. It also shows up the data in a timeline, thus making debugging easier!! The only limitation being, it’s limited to linux servers.

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