10 Of The Best WordPress Plug-ins Of 2011

WordPress is one of the best content management systems in the world and it is used by millions of websites all over the planet. The reason for this is because of the amount of different things you can do with it and the fact that there are some fantastic plug-ins. Here are 10 of the best WordPress plug-ins of 2011. Enjoy!

1. Editorial Calender

This is a fantastic plguin that will reallyhelp you manage your website as it provides an editorial calender to make sure things are done. Click here to get the plug-in.

2. Widget Contaxt

This is a great little plugin that will allow you to choose exactly what content you want displayed on certain pages. Click here to get the plug-in.

3. Tweet Old Post

This plug-in does exactly what you will probably think it does, it tweets your older posts to get that extra attention. Click here to get the plug-in.

4. SEO Smart Links

This little plug-in will really help you when it comes to the serach engine ranking of your website. Click here to get the plug-in.

5. Digg Digg

This allows you to integrate social media buttons into your WordPress posts quickly and easily. Click here to get the plug-in.

6. Thank Me Later

This is a really clever plug-in that actually sends an email to all of your first time visitors. Click here to get the plug-in.

7. WP-DBManager

This is a great plugin that makes backing up your website an absolute pleasure. It automatically backs up databases and more. Click here to get the plug-in.

8. Ninja Affiliate

This plugin will make marketing affiliate programs on your website extremely easy and will increase conversion rates. Click here to get the plug-in.

9. Gravity Forms

This is a fantastic form generator for WordPress that will make adding forms to your site extremely easy. Click here to get the plug-in.

10. WP Super Cache

This is a fantastic plugin for a variety of reasons. First of all, it will make your site load faster and second of all, well…take a look. Click here to get the plug-in.

2 thoughts on “10 Of The Best WordPress Plug-ins Of 2011

  1. I’m going to check out the WP-social bookmarking plugin , the content optimizer, and SEO smart links. I was using the All in One SEO package last time and that worked very well, but will compare the effectiveness of it against other free SEO plugins, and SEO smart links also. Thanks for the hookup on the new WP-plugins on this post!

  2. Very useful! Thanks for sharing. Will certainly put them to good use. WordPress is indeed one of the best blogging platforms out there.

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