10 of the Greatest Viral Videos of 2012

This year, we’ve seen so many viral videos it is hard to choose just 10 that are the best. A lot of them have been huge successes and have seen millions of views on popular video sharing websites such as YouTube. A lot of them have also been extremely funny so we thought we’d round up a list of 10 of the funniest viral videos of the year for you. Enjoy!


#1 – Gangnam Style

Ok, well we obviously had to start with this one as it’s so successful and so funny. Gangnam Style is now the most viewed video ever online and it’s all thanks to Psy’s crazy dance moves.


#2 – Dollar Shave Club

For me, this is the viral video of the year. It advertises the product on offer whilst also being absolutely hilarious. it might be advertising, but it quickly racked up a few million views on YouTube as it went viral.


#3 – BodyForm

BodyForm have strangely also been at the viral video marketing game with their facebook response video. It’s hard to explain what this is about so I’d recommend just watching it. It went viral thanks to Facebook.


#4 – Dastardly Cat

This is an absolutely hilarious video that went live earlier this year featuring a dastardly cat. Some clever video editing and a funny looking cat are all it took for this viral 20 second masterpiece.


#5 – Schticky Commercial

This is a bit of a stupid one but it somehow managed to go viral, perhaps due to its stupidity. Again, it’s advertising but it still has a couple of million views on YouTube.


#6 – Drummer Throwing Up

Ok, well technically this was uploaded on the last day of 2011 but we wanted to include it as it’s so funny. A drummer so dedicated to drumming that even his nausea isn’t going to stop him keeping the beat.


#7 – Kitten

Ok, time for quite a recent viral video now that was uploaded just a few weeks ago. It is quite possibly also the cutest. I won’t say any more, just watch it!


#8 – Trust FAIL

Everyone loves a fail and this is definitely one of the best of the year. This guy trusts his friends to catch him, I wonder what goes wrong?


#9 – Jumping Cat

Time for another cat video now (for a change) in the form of the world’s most impressive jumping cat. Check out the video to see what we mean.


#10 – Eton Style

If you haven’t seen this one, then you need to. It’s a parady of the Gangnam Style video from the guys at Eton College that quickly went viral.

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