10 Of The Most Creative Premium WordPress Themes of 2012

WordPress is one of the best CMS’ that you can opt for if you are looking to create an online portfolio for yourself and the main reason for this is simply because of the sheer amount of premium (and free) themes that there are on the market that are extremely creative and available for low prices. Here, we have found 10 of the most creative WordPress portfolio themes of 2012, enjoy!


1. Lucid Press

This is a really cool looking portfolio theme that actually comes with a version for the iPhone and iPad too, which is a really useful touch in this day and age. It is optimised for SEO and looks stunning.


2. Folio Two WordPress

Yet another really cool looking portfolio theme that will actually be perfect for any freelancers out there, as well as creative agencies. It has a unique design but is very responsive.


3. Boxed Theme

Looking for quite a simple design that looks really slick? Then look no further than the Boxed theme. This looks absolutely stunning and is very simple. It includes a slider for the homepage that can contain either photos or videos and allows a blog style homepage too.


4. Prospector Theme

This is one of my favourite portfolio WordPress themes that I have come across at the moment as I love the tiled design of the site. It also comes with a mobile version which ensures that it works perfectly on devices like the iPhone.


5. Agency X

This is a really cool theme that uses bold colours, lines and a clean design to really stand out from the crowd. So many themes are overcomplicated these days and this one looks really cool. It could be used for a portfolio or any other type of creative business really.


6. Fiero

This is another one of my favourite themes as it is just so simple. The idea of this theme is to showcase your work in a really unobtrusive way and it does this really well. It is comprised of just black and white which looks great on any device.


7. The Curator


This is a theme that is meant for artists but could, in theory, but used for almost any creative style business. Again, it is really simple and is perfect for anyone that wants to show their work on a timeline style interface.


8. Rime Theme

Rime is a theme that follows the standard website design idea a little more, but still, looks great. It is quite simple and includes the ability to include videos, photos, quotes and much more. It also has an iPad and iPhone version.


9. Nostalgia

Yet another minimal style WordPress theme that looks absolutely great. This theme is great for SEO and is basically a full screen slideshow powered by jQuery. It has templates for a blog, services page and of course, portfolio. You can also add a map and contact form.


10. Sans

In my opinion, this theme would be perfect for a creative agency or freelancer as it looks very slick and is perfect for really creative works. it has support for videos and audio too which is great for anyone creative.

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