10 WordPress Websites That Don’t Resemble Blogs

WordPress is a great content management system that you can manipulate in a number of different ways which is why it is so widely used. WordPress is essentially a blogging platform, but there are a number of people who have found ways to take the platform beyond this and have based their entire websites around it. Here are 10 websites that in no way resemble WordPress blogs.


1. Hugs for Monsters

Forget about whether it is built around WordPress or not, this site looks absolutely fantastic and features some stunning designs. There is absolutely no sign of WordPress here, you would believe that everything was custom.


2. Taylow Andrew

This website is a really fresh and clean looking website for a cosmetics company in the US. The website is so slick that you would never think about WordPress when you look at it, apart from on the blog perhaps.



I love the design of this website and once again, there isnt much sign of WordPress and the site acts just like a custom built website. The blog has been completely redesigned which makes it a lot nicer to browse.


4. ThinkBrilliant

This website is pretty simple in its design and because of the structuring of the blog section into the news section, you wouldn’t think about WordPress when visiting this website.


5. KaiCon

This website resembles a WordPress theme that you might see on a premium themes website but still, it doesnt really resemble WordPress as we think of it. The website’s design is very professional and WordPress is far from your mind.


6. StudioMagnolia

This is a really cool looking website that is very simple in its design. To a lot of people, this site might look a bit out of date but I personally think it looks great and isn’t over complicated. A great use of WordPress.


7. NedLeary

This website is the personal website for a guy named Ned Leary and you can see from the recent posts plug-in on the sidebar that this would have been built around WordPress, but it looks very customised and professional.


8. Amy Herndon

This website is the website for a photographer which obviously takes quite a bit of customising. The website has got custom sliders and a custom design. There is still a blog but this is just a sub section of the site.


9. Ink Mutt Interactive

This is an absolutely brilliant use of the WordPress CMS as it has been customised so much in terms of design. It just goes to show exactly what you are able to do with WordPress and how few limitations there are.


10. Voy COntigo

This website is actually an ecommerce website that looks to have been built around WordPress. WordPress has a number of cool plug-ins where you are easily able to turn it into an ecommerce system which is great.

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