4 Of The Most Popular and Addictive Sites on the Web in 2012

There are hundreds of thousands of people that create websites every single but the fact is that there are only a few of them that actually get a lot of interest. This is of course for a number of reasons but often, it is very much down to having an idea that really interests people. take YouTube for example; everyone loves free video content which is why the site is so popular.

There are hundreds of other popular websites out there however and it seems that every year, there is a new bunch of popular and successful websites that we could all learn something from and take inspiration from. Here are some of the most popular websites of this year so far that you are sure to get addicted to if you haven’t visited them before.




Failblog isn’t a particular new website but it is certainly gaining a lot of popularity. What clearly started out as a bit of fun has grown into something hug with millions of visitors to the website per year. The idea of the website is that it has videos and photos of ‘failures’. This might be someone doing something and failing at it hilariously. The photos and videos are posted on the website for our enjoyment which is why the site is so addictive.

Why is this site so popular? There are so many reasons for the popularity of the Failblog website but one of them is that people love to laugh and they also love rich content such as videos and images. As well as this, the sites unique (poor?) design actually adds to the appeal. the site does have social media integration too which has really helped the site to get to where it is today.




Pinterest is yet another website that is gaining a lot of popularity online and currently, it is only open by invitation only. Pinterest is basically a website that allows you to share your interests by pinning content on to a board. The idea has been so successful that the site is seeing hundreds and thousands of sign ups every month. The site has recently been rebranded too which has really helped move things along.

Pinterest is basically a social networking website that is heavily focussed on content. It is for this reason that the site is great for any web publishers and SEO people out there.

Why is this site so popular? Pinterest revolves around social sharing which is part of why the site has become so popular. This combined with the beautiful branding and the nature of the website has allowed the site to really flourish. The Pinterest website is basically a combination of a social networking website and a social bookmarking website. The website is also really popular amongst publishers as we have mentioned which is pushing the site currently.




Wimp.com is yet another great example of a great idea that goes viral. As you will be able to see if you visit the website, there has been very little thought put into the design of the website and once again, this is what appeals to its visitors. Wimp.com is basically a website that finds engaging content on the interest in the form of videos and embeds it on to their website. They will post out five new videos per day that can be about absolutely anything. Usually, it is funny videos or interesting content.

Wimp.com has become so successful that it now has well over a million ‘Like’ on Facebook and is getting hundreds and thousands of visitors. This website just goes to show that people love videos once again; as with YouTube.

Why is this site so popular? Wimp.com revolves almost entirely around social sharing. The website has the usual Facebook, Twitter etc buttons and this is how the content gets shared. The videos also usually have an amusing caption which in many situations slightly changes the nature of the video and makes an average video a lot more interesting. Wimp also shows that people love videos once again, as with YouTube.




This is yet another extremely interesting website that employs marketing genius. The idea of the website is a very simple concept; it offers bro tips. Let us explain, the website basically has small image files that contain bro tips. These are amusing tips based on the bro concept (ok, it’s hard to explain, just visit the site:))

The website is very simple in both its nature and design which is probably one of the reasons for its success. The website allows you to search for some of the most popular tips, recent tips or search by keyword. The website is receiving millions of visitors every single month now and has a database of thousands of different tips.

Why is this website so popular? There are a host of reasons why this website is popular. First of all, the design is simple and the concept is simple. People like this. As well as that, the branding on the website is absolutely top notch and the social sharing that has been implemented is too. The website is largely based on popularity and sharing from sites including Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon. The website also incorporates the Facebook comments system which increases its social reach even further.



Sometimes the most popular and interesting websites are the most unlikely ones. reading this list, you might wonder why you are spending hours on designing the perfect user interface when sites like Wimp.com manage to create something from such poor design. There is a lot to be learned from this in a way with the main lesson being that the idea for any website has to be unique and good. Websites can’t rely on the perfect design alone.

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