5 Of The Best PayPal Alternatives for Accepting Online Payments

PayPal is the most popular payment company in the world when it comes to online payments and a lot of freelancers around the world actually use the service on a daily basis. However, there are certainly a few problems with the PayPal system and many people have reported being locked out of their accounts before too. There are also some pretty hefty fees. Luckily, there are a lot of other alternatives out there if you hate PayPal or if you are just looking for a better alternative for your personal use. Here are a few of the best.


#1 – Google Checkout

Google Checkout

Ok, so this is probably the most well known alternative to PayPal out there and it is also probably the most widely used. A lot of people actually have Google Checkout accounts as well as PayPal and usually, the fees are a little bit lower than PayPal too.

Unfortunately, Google checkout never really took off as much as Google hoped it would and PayPal is still going strong. There are a lot of ecommerce websites that use Google Checkout however so if you are running one of these, it is definitely worth getting Google Checkout added as a payment option.


#2 – Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments

A lot of people don’t know about this one but Amazon actually has their own alternative to PayPal in the form of Amazon Payments. This was mainly created for those that sell on Amazon but you can use it in pretty much the same way as PayPal.

With Amazon Payments, you will not be charged for using the service. This is a great difference to PayPal as they actually charge a lot of users a monthly fee, depending on your exact service with them. You can send payments to anyone with an Amazon Payments account with this, all you need is their email address.


#3 – Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer: Avoid fees

Why do people always forget about this? If PayPal didn’t exist, then this is probably what you would be using. Bank Transfer is instant and it doesn’t usually cost anything, depending on the bank you are using. Of course, it is harder to use this if you are transferring money across different countries but it is great if you are in the UK or US.

There are no fees with this so you will save quite a lot when compared to PayPal, especially if it is a big payment. We definitely recommend this although it will mean sharing your bank details with people.


#4 – Moneybookers

Moneybookers: A good solution

MoneyBookers is quite a popular alternative to PayPal and is getting used by more and more people every single day. A lot of people are actually making the move from PayPal to Moneybookers and many of them have been happy with their move. Moneybookers usually allows you to accept payments at a much lower cost than PayPal and because it is getting more and more popular, a lot of people are using it.

However, it is still not as popular as PayPal so you need to take this into account when making your decision.


#5 – 2Checkout


This is yet another really popular solution when it comes to accepting payments online. The good thing about this is that they actually accept credit card payments, debit card payments and checks. They actually even accept PayPal as a form of payment but this basically defeats the point of switching if you are still going to use PayPal.

They do charge a $49 sign up fee but if you are using the service a lot, then it is well worth it. You can also use 2Checkout with your eBay stores which can save a bit of money.



In conclusion, there are a lot of alternatives, but you will need to take into account your personal use of the accounts. If you are trading in the same country, bank payments or Google Checkout might be the best. If not, then all of the other choices are great alternatives.

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