Achieve Your Goals One Step At A Time

Everyone with an online presence has a goal in mind- whether that be to gain a certain number of visitors to your site, RSS subscribers, make a certain amount of money, or gain a high Google Pagerank. How well you keep your motivation may depend much on you.

Set achievable goals to reach the finish lineIt is important to set realistic, achievable goals for yourself in order to keep motivated. If you set unrealistic goals, chances are you will become discouraged and lose your motivation.

For example, if you’re just starting a new blog, the goal of reaching 1,000 unique visitors per day within 3 months would be very difficult to reach. Instead, make that your long term goal with steps along the way.

You can try first setting the goal of 100 unique visitors per day. Then, you can move on to 200, 500, 750 and finally 1,000. By doing so, you are achieving your short term goals as you move closer and closer to your long term goal. Because you are crossing these short term goals faster than you would reach your ultimate long term goal, you have a better chance of keeping your motivation and a positive outlook as you build the popularity of your website.

If you set farfetched, unrealistic goals, the amount of time and effort that you would need to accomplish your goals could outweigh your motivation and endurance, causing you to ultimately give up on your website and losing everything you worked so hard for.

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