Caution- Zombies Ahead!

Have you ever seen the digital road signs on the side of the highway that are used to display things such as traffic reports to drivers? Well in Austin Texas, drivers were shown the following message:

Caution! Zombies Ahead!
Nazi Zombies! Run!!!
The End Is Near!!!!!!
Run For Cold Climates!

Caution, Zombies Ahead!Hackers were able to break in to the Texas Department of Transportation’s signs and bypass the passwords to enter their own creative message.

It has been noted that to pull off such a prank is easier than one might expect. It’s as simple as breaking into the panels on each sign and bypass the computer password, then entering whatever message you want. It has been reported that instructions on doing so are easily obtainable throughout the Internet.

The Texas Department of Transportation is now running an investigation trying to determine who hacked the road signs, claiming that while at first glance may seem funny- the prank is still illegal.

2 thoughts on “Caution- Zombies Ahead!

  1. Pffff…. at first I thought that’s some picture from some zombie movie, ehh… well for the Department of Traffic, what can you do – stuff happens :)


    The Moneyac

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