Common Baby Blog Mistakes

I have noticed a few common mistakes that “baby blogs” (brand new blogs) make over and over again. These mistakes are made by many individuals that are new to blogging, and will greatly reduce the growth and popularity rate of the blog.

If you take caution to avoid these common mistakes when starting your blog or attempting to get it off the ground, you will have a better chance of making your blog a success.


Common Baby Blog MistakesChances are, you’ve heard this tip over and over again. The reason people keep bringing this up is because a ton of new bloggers aren’t listening! Nothing is more confusing to your readers than an inconsistent posting schedule. If you make one post per day for a week, then the next week make two posts, then the following week make five posts, the frequency of new content on your blog will become very confusing and you will lose readers this way.

Before you start your blog, come up with a posting schedule that you can handle. If one post per day is too much for you, settle on one post every other day, or maybe three posts per week. Whatever you choose, stick with it for a while before changing it up.

If you go out of town on vacation, take some extra time and queue up enough posts to be published on your blog while you are out of town so that the new posts will appear on your blog according to your regular posting schedule.


If your blog is just starting out, there is nothing more annoying to a reader than visiting your blog for the first time and being bombarded with a ton of ads, banners and pop-ups. Take it easy on the ads. If your blog is new, chances are your traffic is so low you won’t gain hardly any income from the ads anyway. Make your blog as reader friendly as possible and as your regular traffic increases you can add additional ads. Even when your blog has been around for a long time and you have a large loyal reader base, you still don’t want to put so many ads on your blog that it turns your readers away. Use moderation.


Don’t set your blog up on a “middleman” hosting company- somebody who just resells hosting space from a real hosting company. Shared hosting packages are so inexpensive now, there’s really no reason not to purchase a hosting package with an established, reputable hosting company who’s not going to disappear overnight. I’ve seen shared hosting packages range from about $4-$10 per month with most good hosting companies.

The reason I say this is because you don’t want the guy you’re paying for your web hosting to just disappear or have the server your blog is hosted on go offline so much that your readers won’t bother coming back.


Too much text on a page is a turn-off. Space your content out with multiple paragraphs and use a font large enough to be easily readable. Throw in an image every so often, but be sure not to include too many images or very large images that take a long time to load.

Images capture the reader’s attention and will add to a good user experience.

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