Common Myths About Owning A Website

Four MythsWith close to 1,000,000,000 people using the Internet today, it is no secret that putting your business online opens up a world of opportunity for you. If you are just thinking about taking the leap of making your online appearance or you already own a website, you should have realistic expectations so that you know what and what not to expect.

This article will discuss some of the most common myths that people who are thinking about starting a website have. If you’re looking at starting a website, you need to understand these four popular myths.

Myth 1: Internet = $

Many people feel that with a website, they can expect a quick boost in sales. This is flat out absolutely false. Ask anyone who has been there and done that. As a matter of fact, only a small percentage of websites on the Internet actually make money. True, there are the few that have made it big on the Internet, and even more that do make decent money. But it will not come easy. In order to make any reasonable amount of money on the Internet, it will take a good understanding of how the Internet works, website design, marketing, search engine optimization amongst a slew of other things- but usually the most important factor is time. You can do it, but you will have to earn it.

Myth 2: The more I offer, the more I will sell

That may have been true 15 years ago when there was so few sites to choose from. Now, with so many millions of websites available to a consumer, the trend is to form a niche. Find something specific you would like to offer and stick with it. If you try to offer too much, it can become confusing to the visitor. Alternatively, start with one niche and build from there. There is nothing wrong with becoming a huge wonderful resource for millions of people, just make it happen one step at a time.

Myth 3: From the day my site goes live, I’ll receive a ton of traffic

This sort of goes hand in hand with myth #1. You can have the best website in the world offering the vaccine that cures cancer, and if nobody knows it exists you’ll never make a penny. Just as with a literal storefront, you’ve got to advertise, advertise, advertise. Get people to link to your site. Consider PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns. Talk about your site in blogs, forums and social networking sites. Email your friends. Do absolutely everything you can to get the word out about your website. Visitors will not find your site on accident.

THE #1 MOST COMMON MYTH: I can do it all by myself

I am 110% for taking matters into your own hands- I personally do not like to rely on other people for something that I need completed. When I owned and published a B2B newspaper with tens of thousands of copies circulated bi-weekly, I went to the stores, I sat on the phone, I learned Adobe and Quark, I scheduled meetings with the print shop, I setup the mailing lists and delivered the pallets of newspapers to the bulk mailing service. This can actually become a downfall when you take on too much and nothing gets done. I spread myself too thin because I did not want to rely on anyone else because the business meant too much to me. If you need a sidekick to help you complete what needs to be done, don’t be afraid to do it, but choose someone you trust. One bad employee goes unnoticed by a huge corporation like Wal-Mart, but when you hire on a very small number of people to help you get off the ground, one bad employee can wreck your business.

Also, you have to be honest with yourself and admit when you can’t do something. You may be the best at managing your business, but you have no clue how to design a website. DON’T DO IT! Your website visitors will without a doubt see that you have no clue how to design a website- they will get a bad first impression of your business and you can never buy that back.

Don’t be afraid to pay somebody to take care of the tasks that you don’t know how to handle yourself. It may be a little bit out of your budget, but you’ll be happy you left it to the professionals. Not only will the end result look better, but it will most likely be completed much faster than you could have done it. And, as you know with any business, TIME IS MONEY!

Hopefully, these four myths will help you to weigh whether or not you will open your own website, and if you already have one, maybe it will help you to get a good idea of how to get it off the ground.

One thought on “Common Myths About Owning A Website

  1. I can vouch for all of these myths!! Any website I have ever run takes a lot of time and effort to get to the point where it is profitable and worthwhile.

    I am currently working on a new venture, and although the niche has not yet been filled, it will still take a lot of effort to market and make it popular, despite the fact that the service is something that people will want to use.

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