Flip Sites And Get Rich

Flip Sites And Get Rich
This 52 page PDF article teaches you everything you need to know in order to make great money working from home flipping websites!

Flip Sites And Get Rich

A step-by-step guide teaching you the art of flipping websites

Whether you’re a total beginner or you have extensive knowledge in website design, this article was written to cater to everyone.

Included are 20 easy to read chapters which cover the following topics:

Get rich flipping websites Educate Yourself
Get rich flipping websites Software
Get rich flipping websites Choosing The Subject
Get rich flipping websites Choosing The Platform
Get rich flipping websites Domain Names
Get rich flipping websites Hosting
Get rich flipping websites Choosing The Style
Get rich flipping websites Building The Site
Get rich flipping websites Cross Browser Compatibility
Get rich flipping websites Markup Validation
Get rich flipping websites Tracking Statistics
Get rich flipping websites Monetizing
Get rich flipping websites Extras
Get rich flipping websites When To Sell
Get rich flipping websites Backups
Get rich flipping websites Payment Gateway
Get rich flipping websites Where To Sell
Get rich flipping websites Information To Include
Get rich flipping websites Transferring The Website
Get rich flipping websites Cookie Cutter Ideology

You’re going to learn everything from the very basics of registering a domain name and hosting a website to building your website on a variety of different platforms, how to earn money from each website you make, and where to sell your website to gain the most profit!

Automated Blogs

Also included are complete instructions on how to setup fully automated blogs that update themselves with dozens to hundreds of new posts per day!

This enables you to flip a HUGE AMOUNT of websites in a very short amount of time!

TONS of Information

  • 52 pages!
  • 20 chapters!
  • Step-by-step instructions from start to finish!
  • Links to 94 different websites are included with this article, which show you exactly where to go for products, services, additional information and resources that will help you flip websites!

Be Your Own Boss!

Be your own boss!By flipping websites, you can work from home, work when you want, and control your own income!

For those of you who are already in business designing websites for others, are you tired of clients who give you vague details about what they want in a website, leaving it up to you to come up with most of the content and styling yourself, only to be changed and updated dozens of times before the client is happy with the finished product?

You’ll never make money this way!

By flipping websites, you answer to no one- YOU design the site, YOU choose the content, thus enabling you to finish the site much faster than working for others.

The New Niche

Flipping websites has been called “the new niche” for Internet entrepreneurs. Join myself along with many others who are making GREAT MONEY working from home flipping websites!

INSTANT Download!

Instant download!
As soon as you purchase this article, the download information is instantly sent to you, which means you don’t have to wait on someone to send it to you- start learning right away!

Get Rich Flipping Websites

Don’t let your lack of knowledge about setting up and designing websites stop you from getting started!

Flip Sites And Get RichWhen I first wanted to get started in the website design business 12 years ago, I didn’t even know how to register a domain name or setup a hosting account. Now I’ve been able to own over 500 domain names and design almost 300 websites- many of them to flip for a quick profit!

This 52 page article is written for everyone from all different experience levels- whether you’re just curious about getting started flipping websites or for those who are already in the business and looking to learn how you can flip more websites, be more successful, and earn more money.

Download Now!

Your can download Flip Sites And Grow Rich- A step-by-step guide teaching you the art of flipping websites right now for only $34.95!

This article was written by myself and is only available exclusively from this website!

15 thoughts on “Flip Sites And Get Rich

  1. Sounds good. This looks a lot nicer than the other trashy ebooks Ive read.

    Downloading now… Will leave my review.

  2. OK. I have read the article. Here’s my review:

    I hate to even call this an e-book because all the e-books Ive read look like crap.

    This is one of the most professionally put together articles Ive ever read. There is so much to learn here that I can see myself reading this dozens of times just trying to pick up on every last detail.

    It would probably have taken me months or a year or even more to learn everything John has put into this.

    Anyway, in my opinion its money very well spent and I think that with what I can learn in this article will multiply the money it costs many many times over.

  3. This article is fantastic!

    I just downloaded it yesterday and I am absolutely impressed.

    First off, I was able to download the product immediately, which I was very impressed with.
    I have had a hand in designing websites for about 2 years now, but after reading this article, I believe I can make as much in the next 2 months as I have in the last 2 years online!

    This article is great for beginners or more experienced individuals, and it really shows you how to kick things in to high gear and start pumping out some websites!

    I love this article. Very well written. No fluff and no garbage to sift through. This is one of the longest ebooks I’ve ever read (50+ pages), but every page is packed with great info.

    Thanks John!

  4. Looks interesting and would love to check it out, but funds are low right now and I just purchased another flipping website ebook thru a WSO offer that was fantastic and reviewed it for my site. I’m sure yours has some great info too but I’ll have to wait for more funds. Then I’ll review it also for my site.

    My experience has been that most people are looking for info on how to move WP sites from one server to another… does your ebook cover that?

    Good Luck with your sales. Looks like a winner.

  5. @Linda:

    The article talks about moving a website to another domain name, but does not go in to detail about moving a WordPress site.

    Surprisingly, I have noticed a lot of people are looking for instructions on moving a WordPress site.

    I will make a new post with instructions and screenshots. Check back to this site in a few days.

    – John

  6. Cool… I’ll keep an eye out for it… I have clients that want WP sites moved to a new server and I know it can be a headache when it comes to moving the database. Some clear instructions would be great. I also know there are a lot of others looking for this information also. I’ve looked online but have only found a lot of confusing information.

    Most flipping books will only tell you to set up your own reseller hosting account (which I have) but some clients buy sites elsewhere and want to move it. Which I can understand, especially if they have poor hosting or are stuck with high hosting fees that so many sellers tack on.

    Will keep an eye out for your instructions… do you have an affiliate program for your ebook yet? Just curious… ;)

  7. @Linda:

    I’m working on the tutorial of how to move your WordPress site as we speak. I’m going to include plenty of screenshots. I’ll have it posted for you by the end of the day.

    Plans are underway to create an affiliate program for Flip Sites And Get Rich which will pay affiliates for each sale they bring- but don’t tell anyone yet (it’s a secret)… Oh wait- I just did!

    I’ll be releasing that information soon as well.

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