Free Htaccess Tutorials Now Online

Approximately 5 weeks ago, my free php lessons went online. Since then, I have been seeing a steady flow of search engine traffic to the tutorials amounting to about 200 unique visitors per day.

In addition to the PHP, I have now added free htaccess tutorials to the list beginning today. Because of this new addition to the website, I am discontinuing and removing the Working With Htaccess series that was begun as all of the information to be included there has now been added to the lessons.

Every website owner should be familiar with the power of their .htaccess file. With it, you can improve your page load time, search engine optimization, security, and cut down on bandwidth consumption and server resources. There are a plethora of tricks and functions you can accomplish by only adding a few lines to your .htaccess file.

I invite everyone to take a few minutes to browse the tutorials and see if there is anything there that can help you improve your website.

Free Htaccess Tutorials

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