New Advertising Opportunities Available

New Ad Spots AvailableSo, here’s where things stand as of now. I’ve been experimenting with a wide variety of ad networks and affiliate programs as I have been preparing a fairly extensive ad network review which will be posted within the next week and some case studies will soon follow. Many of these were not meant to be permanent. This means that some brand new advertising spots are opening up on this site. Let me break these down for you:

1. Sitewide Header

The sitewide header is located in the top right corner of every page and post on, and is a rotating position in which I will include no more than 3 ad variations. This spot allows for a 468×60 display ad.

2. Below Comments Link

If you look just under the “submit comment” button below every post, there is currently a rotating banner. I am replacing this with no more than 3 website text links. This is a great spot as it is plainly shown to anyone making a comment and all 3 links will be displayed on every single post.

3. Floating Bar

If you look at the top of any of the static pages linked to in the top menu, you will notice there is a floating bar that follows you around on the page until it’s closed by clicking the close image. An example would be at the top of my WordPress services page.

Until now, this floating bar has not received much exposure. However, with the addition of the PHP tutorials and HTACCESS tutorials, a ton of new pages have been added to this site. I will be adding this floating bar to ALL of the tutorials pages.

What makes this a great opportunity for you is that most of the traffic this site receives is from Google searchers who land on either the PHP or HTACCESS tutorial pages. Because most of these visitors are only interested in the programming aspect of the site, many of them never take the time to browse around the blog articles (something I will working to improve). Having your link on this bar will force all of these visitors to see your link. To help build popularity to these pages, I moved their links to the top of the sidebar which you may have already noticed if you’re a regular visitor here.

I will include up to 4 links to rotate on the floating bar, and there’s room to include not only the link itself, but also a description.

Now that I’ve outlined the new ad spots that have become available, let me give you a little information on the kind of traffic this site currently receives. This screenshot was taken from my Statcounter report and shows my traffic for about 1 week, from February 12-19.

JWRmedia Site Stats

As you can see, in this eight day period there were 3,243 unique visitors and 4,848 page views. This averages out to about 10,000 uniques and 16,900 page views per month, and JWRmedia is quickly growing. Currently I have about 1,600 backlinks in Yahoo.

The introductory prices I am giving for these ad spots are as follows:

Sitewide header: $25/mo. (Rotated between up to 3 banners)
Below comments link: $8/mo. (Static links, maximum of 3)
Floating bar: $15/mo. (Rotated between up to 4 links)

I will allow you to post affiliate links in any of these positions if you desire to do so. Contact me if you’re interested in these ad spots. You can also purchase more than one (or all) of the rotating spots so that your ad is shown more frequently.

Needless to say, these prices as well as the number of ads that are rotated will be increasing, so act now if you want to lock in these prices. As long as you keep your ad active the price will not be raised for you. Again, contact me and let me know which spot you would like to reserve.

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