Why Your Site Loses Visitors

I have researched a recent poll taken to find out the top five reasons a person would choose not to return to a website. Here is what I came up with: 1. Excessive Animation Too much animation or flash objects can distract your visitor from the real “meat and potatoes” of your site and cause […]

Protect Yourself Against Domain Name Fraud

Everyone who is about to purchase a domain name or website with a domain name should be familiar with the information in this article to avoid being scammed. If you’re thinking about purchasing a domain name that is already registered by a company or individual, you’ve got to take some basic steps to avoid being […]


Automark is a very simple “on-the-fly” automatic image watermarking script using PHP and .htaccess. Want to protect your images? By using this script, your watermark will automatically be added to your images in the directory Automark resides in. This script also has the capability of ignoring thumbnails or certain files from being watermarked. For example, […]

Welcome To JWRmedia

Welcome to the new and improved! We’ve been offline for a while now, planning, organizing, designing, building and optimizing our new site but we’re proud to announce our grand reopening as of today, December 8, 2008! Our goal is to provide helpful (and sometimes humorous) information to website owners of all different backgrounds. We’ll […]