10 Of The Best JQuery Plugins For WordPress

As you will probably already know if you are reading this post, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems for websites throughout the world and there are thousands of websites that take advantage of its easy to use interface in order to base their content around. You will probably also know that there are thousands of plugins available for WordPress. Well, we have compiled a list of what we think are ten of the best WordPress plugins that make use of JQuery. These will really make your website look fantastic.

1. JQuery Lightbox

You may have heard of lightbox and now it has come to WordPress, but only for native gallerys. Click here to visit the website.

2. Lazy Load

This is a great Jquery plugin that prevents some images from loading until the user scrolls down the page. Click here to visit the website.

3. JQuery Comment Preview

This plugin gives commentors a live preview of their post without taking up any extra part of the screen. Click here to visit the website.

4. Google Analyticator

This plugin adds the relevent code to your website that will allow you to use Google Analytics. Click here to visit the website.

5. JQuery Post Preview

This is a great plugin that allows you to see a live preview of your post without using the built in WordPress visual editor. Click here to visit the website.

6. jQuery Pagebar

This adds a nice bar instead of those horrible next and previous buttons at the bottom of your blog. Click here to visit the website.

7. J Post Slider

This plugin rotates all of the latest posts from your blog along with a corresponding image. Click here to visit the website.

8. WP Slimbox 2

This plugin adds a slimbox to your WordPress website, a feature that is similar to lighbox. Click here to visit the website.

9. WordPress post Information Plugin

The job of this plugin is to consolidate your post into a panel so that you can save a vast amount of space. Click here to visit the website.

10. WordPress jQuery Lightbox

This is simply the WordPress version of the popular lightbox tool and was written by balupton. Click here to visit the website.


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2 Responses to “10 Of The Best JQuery Plugins For WordPress”

  1. Does anyone know of a plugin like JQuery Lightbox that will work with picasa express web albums? either way great list of jquery plug ins!

  2. I’m really liking maxImage, very useful for background centered sites. Someone should get a team together and create a jQuery CMS.

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