10 Of The Best Pinterest Plug-Ins For WordPress

Pinterest has fast become one of the best social networking websites in the world and its user base has grown significantly over the past year or two. Pinterest is now a great way for people to share your content and as a webmaster, you should really think about promoting your content on the site. Here, we have 10 of the best plug-ins for WordPress that will help you with your Pinterest marketing efforts.


#1 – Pinterest Plugin

This plugin has a bit of a dull name but basically, it will allow you to add a Pin It button to all of the images that you would like to add it to on your website, allowing visitors to quickly and easily pin your content.


#2 – Pinterest Image Pin

Here we have a similar Pinterest plug-in that will actually add a button below your images and will even count how many times your content has been pinned if you would really like to.


#3 – Pin It button

The Pin It Plugin will allow you to add a Pin It button to your WordPress posts in absolutely no time at all. You can select where you want the button to be and even if it shows a pin count or not.


#4 – Digg Digg

This plug-in is not actually only for Pinterest, but for a variety of social networking websites but we thought we’d include it as it is one of the best. It basically adds a share bar to each of your posts.


#5 – Social Networks Auto Poster

This is a clever little plug-in that will automatically post your posts on social networks including Pinterest, allowing you to focus on other, more important things.


#6 – Pinterest for Galleries

WordPress galleries are popular and this plug-in will allow you to add a button to every image within your WordPress galleries quickly and easily. It will appear under each thumbnail.


#7 – Pinterest Lightbox

This plug-in is pretty self-explanatory as it basically adds a Pinterest button to the lightbox pop up on your blog. Millions of blogs use the lightbox plugin so this is a great way to get your visitors to share your content.


#8 – Pinboard Widget

This is a really neat little plug-in that will allow you to be able to show a number of recent pins from your account on your blog in the form of a widget. This can be placed in the sidebar or elsewhere.


#9 – Pinterest RSS Widget

This plug-in is very similar to the one we mentioned in number 9 but it allows you to customise it a little bit more. You can change thumbnail dimensions, titles and much more with this plug-in.


#10 – WP Pinner


This is one of my favourite plug-ins as it actually allows you to organise your Pinterest account from within your WordPress dashboard, eliminating the need to visit the Pinterest website at all really.

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