10 Of The Coolest Premium WordPress Plug-ins

WordPress is a fantastic CMS and there are hundreds of thousands of free plug-ins out there that will allow you to do a whole bunch of different things. However, there are also a number of premium plug-ins out there too and some of these are fantastic, allowing you to do a few extra things that you might not have previously thought of when it comes to WordPress. Here are 10 of the coolest premium WordPress plug-ins that we have come across. Enjoy!


1. LeTabs

This is a fantastic WordPress plug-in that will really make your site a whole lot neater whilst also allowing you to add even more information. This is basically a really cool, customisale tabs plug-in that is brilliant for just $10!


2. Smart Pagination

This is a really cool plug-in that will allow you tro add multiple pages to a WordPress page or post quite easily. This plug-in is very customisable and it only costs $13 too which is a bargain for how well it has been made.


3. Lightbox Evolution

This plug-in is absolutely fantastic. Lightboxes are used all over the internaet and this plug-in makes incorporating them into your website easier than ever. There are a number of different themes for the lighbox allow you tro customise your site too. It is only $18.


4. Pathway

I really love this plug-in as it is just so useful. basically, Pathway will allow you to customise the lok and feel of your WordPress login page which is often quite boring. This plug-in costs $12.


5. WordPress Events Calender

This is a great events plug-in that will allow you to keep your visitors informed of any events that you might have going on. The plug-in looks great and can be added to almost any post or page.


6. Sticky Social Bar

You see these a lot on the internet these days as social sharing is more important than ever. This is a rally neat little plug-in that is easily customisable and looks great. The coding is also top notch too and costs just $7.


7. Font Uploader

Often, you might find that you want to use a font that a lot of web browsers dont support. Now, you can get rid of this problem as this plug-in allows you to actually upload and store the font on your server. It is only $10 too.


8. WordPress Message Bar

Often, you might find that you have something to tell your visitors about and that is why this is such a great plug-in. WordPress Message Bar will basically show all of your visitors a message of your choice. It is only $7.


9. Relevant Search

You might have found that the WordPress search function is a bit unreliable at tmes and this plug-in fixes this issue by customising how the search works. This plug-in only costs $12 too.


10. Pinterest Automatic Pin

Pinterest is big news at the moment and you can get a lot of extra traffic from the site. This plug-in will basically automatically pin the images from your WordPress sites content to Pinterest. It has a number of options and is only $5.

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