WP-Textarea is a very simple plugin used to set the default textarea height to your liking when writing posts or pages in your WordPress blog.

WP-Textarea has been tested and is stable on WordPress versions 1.5-2.7.

Why Use WP-Textarea

When writing posts or pages, the small default size of the textarea where you insert your content can be very annoying- especially when you have the visual editor turned off.

When using the visual editor you can stretch the size of the textarea larger, but who wants to do that every time you write something?

With the visual editor turned off, you can’t resize the textarea at all making it very difficult to write or scan through your content!

WP-Textarea is the perfect solution.


Below is a screenshot of the default textarea size:

Original size not using the visual editor

With WP-Textarea, you can set the default height of the textarea to whatever you like:

New size not using the visual editor

Of course, it works with the visual editor either turned on or off.

Installation And Usage

To install, simply upload the contents of the “WP-Textarea” folder to your “wp-content/plugins” directory and activate it through your admin control panel.

You will now have an option in the “Settings” area named “WP-Textarea”. All you have to do is specify the height you prefer and click “Submit”. That’s it!

WP-Textarea Admin Panel


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