Having trouble with mixed database table collations with vbulletin upgrades ?

Having trouble with mixed table collations on a vbulletin database ? A mixture of collations like latin1_general_ci , latin1_spanish_ci, latin1_swedish_ci. For vbulletin to upgrade properly from a VB3 to VB4 it needs all tables to retain the same collation apparently. This is great little script below ( which i lost the link where i got […]

Basic CSS3 Styling Part 1

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, it is used to add design or style to standard HTML content. CSS came to existence trough the evolution of standard HTML, as a solution to the complexity and messiness that was present when the same style had to be defined separately every time we wanted to use it. […]

Best CMS Scripts – Top 10

When it comes to managing a website, there really is only one way to do it these days and this is through the use of a content management system of CMS script. Basically, this is a system that will allow you to login and easily be able to add or delete things on your website. […]

Top 3 Ajax Tools, Scripts and more

Ajax is something that all web developers should be at least familiar with as it can add a lot of fantastic aspects to a website. The Ajax coding system was developed just a few years ago and it allows you to do all sorts of cool things on your website. However, there are a lot […]

List of Top Script providers on the Internet

If you are looking to start up your own website, then a good idea may be to get a script in order to power it. Basically, a script is a ready made piece of code that is created in order to do a specific job that is needed. For example, you have have a script […]

An Easy Way to Customize Any WordPress Theme

First things first: the method I am about to describe below is best suited for lightweight changes and customizations to your WordPress themes. You do need to be able to read a bit of code but you don’t really need be be able to program. Tools you need Firefox browser Firebug plugin for Firefox Text […]


Triphp’s Happy URL has received many good reviews thus far and has been growing in popularity. Now you can easily start your own website similar to Happy URL ! HappyURL is a URL shortening script I’ve written based off of the same functionality. HappyURL features a quick and easy way for anyone to shorten or […]


Automark is a very simple “on-the-fly” automatic image watermarking script using PHP and .htaccess. Want to protect your images? By using this script, your watermark will automatically be added to your images in the directory Automark resides in. This script also has the capability of ignoring thumbnails or certain files from being watermarked. For example, […]