Split Testing on WordPress

Simple changes in your words, positioning, size or design can have enormous impact on how well your website is performing.

By performing I mean – how well the website works on achieving a certain goal which can be something like: Having a certain level of visitor engagement (low bounce rate), converting visitors in subscribers or customers and etc.

The interesting thing about testing is that the results are often not intuitive…

For example in one test we discovered that we get 3x more sales when we increased the price of our software from $17 to $47. Latter we understood that the people actually thought that a program that claims to do SO MUCH, couldn’t be legitimately sold at such a low price and many of them actually discarded it as a scam.

ROI or return on investment is a pretty important thing, especially if you are a marketer that is using payed methods such as Google adwords for driving traffic to your blog. And this little change almost tripled our profits and conversions for the product, which was summed up at around 5x times better ROI.

So here are some other interesting tests that I’ve run on my blogs and that can give you some ideas.

My Test 1: Banner Clicktrough increase

While using my first banner version I was getting around 0.5% click trough rate, but I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad, because I had nothing else to compare it to. So I created around 10 different versions and variations of the same banner, compared the results and discovered that my winning option was with a 2% click trough rate.

Trough the next year, I casually tested more than 20 different versions and I now my winning version is getting an incredible 3.5% click trough rate.

This means that I am also getting 10x times more conversions for that specific offer. It is as simple as that.

Test 2: Aweber forms testing

For this form of testing you probably won’t need any additional tools since most email delivery services have their own tools for opt in rate conversion tracking.

The first opt in form I created had less than 0.45% opt in rate, I used this one for about a year before I got the idea to start doing some testing. In the next month I discovered an opt in form that got around 2 % opt in rate. Then in the course of the next 3-4 months I played with a few radical OPT – IN form ideas and my opt in rate rised to around 8%!

So, compared to my starting opt in rate of 0.45%, I am now getting 17 times more subscribers than before and you can also imagine the increase in revenue.

Cool Split Testing Plugins

Most of us have websites that run under wordpress. And doing split testing on wordpress can be pretty though, if you don’t have the right tools. So, here are some interesting plugins I found in the past 2 years, that saved me from a lot of troubles.


1. Split Test Dynamo

Split test dinamo is a cool plugin for wordpress that allows you to split test different versions of your wordpress pages and posts.

2. Max Banner Ads

Max banner ads is a banner rotator plugin that tracks the performance of your banners.



Simple changes can make enormous difference on your conversions and the only way to know what works best for sure, is to test and measure.



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