The Best Job In The World

Tourist officials in Australia are looking to hire someone for what’s been called by many “The Best Job In The World”.

The requirements: The ability to speak, read and write English well, good swimming skills and a love for snorkeling and scuba diving. No academic qualifications are needed. If you think you qualify, you may want to read on…

The job opening is for an island caretaker to periodically oversee Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, which would include feeding turtles, swimming amongst the Great Barrier Reef and updating a blog on its current status.

The Best Job In The World

The job pays a reported $150,000 per year and only 12 hours per month of work is required. The caretaker would also be allowed to stay in a three bedroom multi-million dollar beachfront home with a pool and view of the beautiful clear lagoon, and would be provided with a golf cart for easy nearby transportation- all for free! All transfers, return flights and island transportation are also included.

Just 24 hours after the job opening was posted an estimated 850,000 people applied, making your chances of obtaining “The Best Job In The World” slim to none.

In the end, 11 potential candidates for the job on Hamilton Island will be flown in so the tourism officials can make their selection.

To learn more about “The Best Job In The World” or to apply, you can visit

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